Sudesh Didi – 14/09/2012 (Q&A)

Question and Answer


Baba said to remember Him and the inheritance.  When we are remembering someone, there is an influence, so what is the transformation that happens when we remember Him and what are we remembering when it comes to the inheritance?  


Inheritance is not the golden age.  Golden age is the reward.  What efforts we have made now is the reward.  Inheritance is the confluence age when we realize we belong to Him.  The inheritance is the relationship that we have with the Father and the Teacher in the Confluence Age.  Inheritance is two aspects: what is inherent in the personality and inheritance.  He is the Ocean of Knowledge and He is giving it now: purity and bliss is my inheritance, it is my birthright.  In Golden Age, it is not my birthright because I need to take it now.  I cannot take the inheritance without a birth and a birth needs the mother.  Therefore I need the relationship with the Mother and the Father.  One way He adopts me.  First birthright is purity and it is through knowledge.  Then my birthright is the virtues which He gives me – that is my personality.  I am the spiritual child of God and that is my birthright.  Up and until now all I wanted was materialistic things and that is what I asked for.  Personality is the inheritance that He gives us.  He doesn’t create Heaven, we create it- the fruit through our elevated actions.   He comes as a Teacher and according to the study, some become kings and some become servants.  Raja Yoga is to become an authority.  Divinity becomes my purity.  Spiritual knowledge is needed.  And through this, the inherent qualities come through my Parent – the knowledge that He is my Father and that I am a pure soul.  When purity and knowledge come together, it automatically brings intoxication.  Then there is royalty because the child becomes aware that “I am a prince”.


So the inheritance – some comes from the guidance of parents and some from what is inherent within.  The spiritual knowledge – I have to learn it and put it into practice.  Purity I don’t have to learn.  Purity is the power I have within myself – become aware of myself.  I decide for myself “this is my life” whereas others don’t learn purity.  It is determination – instant birthright.  You would have noticed this realization that any carelessness, and then the screw becomes loose (Baba was referring to the machinery in Sakar Murli this morning and all the parts are needed) –  the children of Baba who realize this when obstacles come, but their intoxication overcomes this. Others without the intoxication become sick then healthy, sick and then healthy.  Spirituality is the knowledge where I realize I am a spiritual being.  Then a natural royalty and divinity develops.  We take birth according to our sanskars.  According to the study you get a status.


Is Baba making us materialistic?  Here we have a different concept of materialistism.  Jewels is the jewels of knowledge, wealth is knowledge, virtues and power.  There (in the old world), it is building materials.  What is s diamond?  What is gold?  With building material, it is inheritance from matter.  When I become detached, matter will cooperate.  Spiritual power is inheritance from God and this is why I am studying and claiming the inheritance in a natural way.  Knowledge is the deep secret of receiving the inheritance – no one else can give the knowledge.  What attitude do I make effort?  What consciousness do I make effort?  Today in murli, it is a factory.  Baba is giving the design – this is what the pure form is like and He even provides the materials.  It cannot be shaped without the power, such is the yoga power and the material is knowledge.  And it is the quality of the material…is it clay, iron, gold?  It is the quality of the raw material that is the basis of the object that we want to have.  The knowledge, the material is these two things: knowledge of Baba, the Creator and the knowledge of creation, Drama.  A lot get stuck in the knowledge of the Drama.  When we say “Drama” we do not understand what it means.  What is the message behind it, what is the knowledge behind it?  Drama is here, not in the soul world, nor the subtle region.  Baba is giving me the story of the Drama.  I make the Drama because I act.  It is a story is if you read it.  Action is the impression – you want to repeat it.  Children want to copy it, repeat it.  The action of divinity, you want to repeat it.  When you enjoy it, you want to repeat it, “Once More!”  So Drama means to understand the laws of natural and the laws of spirituality.  The laws of nature and laws of spirituality are two sides: everything in this world of matter repeats and we have accepted, we don’t doubt it, we wait for repetition.  The season has gone and the fruit is gone, and we wait for the season to come again.  The building is old and we wait for new matter to build a new house.  One doesn’t ask “what is the purpose of building a house? It is going to get old again.  Why should I raise the children so they become 60 years old?  They will become old and die.”  We know that it is destined, but you will still perform the actions.  It is the law of nature, we have to eat.  “I buy food, but tomorrow I will be hungry again – so why should I make this effort?”  It is the joy of doing.  For this spiritual law, we don’t accept it.


The Drama’s reel is moving forward, but we keep trying to put it backward.  Repetition has to start at the end, the beginning. We have missed this concept – “we will have the same husband, the same children.”  This is the last scene.  Baba speaks of the repetition – he is speaking about the original scene – become perfect again in the Golden Age.  We have to become perfect again and matter has to become perfect again.  Baba has to give the knowledge of the Drama and He has to give it at the right time.  Before that, the reel is not open.  At that time, we did not have the CDs, records, we only had a phonograph.  The time is the needle and as it is moving, what is recorded comes up.  We don’t know what is recorded 5000 years ago, so we have to wait, but we know it is recorded.  For example, we have a seed of a mango.  A mango is destined in it.  If I do not plant it, I will not see the tree.  So I have to plant it and I have to water it.  Baba says your Golden Age kingdom will come again, but you must make effort.  Only those that are planted, which become right, will become a tree.


Drama is another aspect.  Drama is a very powerful medicine to cure the sickness of this world.  We have two diseases: the world is suffering with ego and depression.  “I cannot do this, I never did this before, I am not worthy, I am weak” so there is no courage, confidence, and no self-respect.  Baba says you have done this many many times, the seed – plant it!  We have forgotten, but it is a question of believing.  I don’t remember anything of the Golden Age.  Let me ask you a practical question – when you were born, do you remember what you looked like?  Only through a photograph or through your parents do you know, but you don’t remember.  “oh you had a very beautiful dress!”  I made the memory fresh through the picture.  So what is my faith in my Mother and my Father?  Faith in the intellect.  So I don’t remember everything up to the age of 3 and even in this life, I don’t remember everything in my everyday life – I do remember certain things.  And we have gone through the cycle of 5000 years and we are so clever that what Baba is telling us is imagination.  So Baba is creating our self respect: you have this capacity.  So Drama is to remove the depression, lack of confidence, the inferiority complex.


The other aspect is ego: See I did this, I should be doing this because I am the expert, I am the best one.  Baba says, yes you did this many times – so it should be natural and best – what kind of ego do you have?  If I go on the road everyday, I don’t have to look at the map, I don’t have to ask anyone – so it is not a new thing; change ego into a different consciousness.  You have done it many times.  So be active, be an actor, become a detached observer, so that I can see the Drama and enjoy.  Be the hero actor and become the detached observer so that I do not have the ego and I don’t have the depression.  Okay?


Om shanti.

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