Sudesh Didi – 14/09/2012

Rakhi Public Program: Freeing the Heart Through Love, Trust and Cooperation


The topic is freeing the heart through love, trust and cooperation.  What is the connection between Rakshabandhan and this topic?  Rakshabandhan is a festival which is celebrated in the month of August, but we are celebrating today because love is a festival. Rakshabandhan is a festival of expressing and experiencing pure love, natural love, selfless love, caring love, sharing love, and eternal love. Love itself is a very pure energy, especially this festival which we are celebrating today which is a bond of relationship between brother and sister, but we are celebrating that all of us are a global family. We are children of the one Supreme Being, Supreme Soul. We are all children, we are souls, there is no separation between race, age, sex, location, community and yet we are here in this physical form.  We are seeing this costume, this body, then we are brothers and sisters – according to the physical form that we have, it is girl or boy. The child that is born in the family – but in this beautiful box, this beautiful costume, a unique costume, no two physical costumes are the same.  Even twins, the character, the personality is different.  Of course their love of each other, their feelings, some of the characteristics are the same, but there is something different – the being.  Each individual soul is very special.


A relationship of brother and sister joins us and makes us aware of the same Parent.  In India this festival of Rakshabandhan happens.  The sister gets tied by the brother as a promise that the brother will protect the sister.  Even a 16 year old sister is tied by a 6 month old brother.  It is a very pure feeling – it is a pure relationship.  In a worldly way, there is physical attraction between a male and female, but with brothers and sisters, no matter how beautiful the sister is, how famous she becomes in the world, the brother is proud.  There is a very different kind of energy – it is pure – not the worldly which is of possessiveness.  It is a pure feeling that goes beyond the dependency of the physical form.  Nowadays, a sister or brother, do not have as much purity in power as it used to be, but Rakshabandhan reminds us.


It is the Supreme Being, this unlimited love with the Supreme Being that protects us.  But in a physical way, this protection creates a lot of expectations, dependency.  We don’t protect each other, we hit each other.  Reactions block the pure love.  So what is true love?  Is it based on the physical form or is it love based on a pure energy?  What is the difference between love and attachment?  Love opens your heart – it means letting go, lightness. Now it is “I love this coffee, this car.”  Then what is love?  Love is in the living being.  Even when the husband says “I love my wife, I love my child”, but when they leave the physical body, we know we cannot keep the physical body.  And so love is actually letting go.  Possessiveness is not love.  Children love their parents and parents love their children.  And when there is some kind of expectation and we don’t give them freedom.  Instead of getting closer, they become farther apart.  And so there is an inner energy of the soul.


When there is heaviness in the heart – what is the reason that we fight with each other?  Expectations are not fulfilled.  Dependency.  But pure love does not make you dependent and does not become possessive.  It is an openness of the heart.  You are open to the opinion of others, able to listen, you are able to accept and there is appreciation.  You are able to accept whatever they are going through and appreciate their specialities.  In love, your vision is always seeing the goodness in them.  In attachment, there is fear of losing something.  Pure love has a natural freedom – no matter what stones come in the way, a form of music is created inside and no matter what, one will reach that destination.  With attachment, there is tension inside.  For a mother, if there is attachment, there is a fear that something may happen to the child.  And in that worry, the fear that the child becomes sick, there is control.  Where there is love, the mother is able to take care of the child.  In love, there is the lightness.  Fear is the lack of trust of losing each other.  For love, we are not giving the right energy to the living being.


We have to trust that each are special souls.  We don’t have to compare – when there is comparison, for example between different children in the family –they begin to fight with each other and a criticism comes.  So pure love is acceptance that whatever weaknesses there are, there is appreciation of the goodness so that we can determine what is needed for that person.  If there is love and attachment: there is love of how to help them grow, but there is fear of what others think, so then there is more love for the self, not for the child.  An example, a very enthusiastic 16 year old girl who went to look for a dress and found one that she loved, but the mother wanted her to choose a different dress.  During the party, the girl was not happy and the mother asks ‘why are you not happy?’ So there is not a trust.


Love means trust and openness with each other.  Love means an eternal relationship.  It is only possible when we connect the awareness of the living being with the living being.  Soul to soul.  When I think one is a soul and I am seeing each individual soul takes his own time and expresses according to their own time, then I understand with different children, that not all the flowers blossom at the same time.  So within the same family, we can accept that each one’s capacity is different and we trust that they can bring their different capacities into expression in their own time – this trust.  Each soul is gifted with different qualities.  And so we are care-full of their weakness and to help them remove them, but we also appreciate their qualities.  Instead, when we focus on what has not been done – then we are not focusing on their strength.


Love means encouragement.  Love means tolerance.   For example mothers – they are raising money, raising children, but when they become possessive they do not give cooperation to the children.  First we must give cooperation to myself.   Each and every soul has one speciality or another.  Do you like roses?  How many thorns does it have?  We are careful of thorns, but we appreciate the fragrance.  In nature, there is natural love, but there may be one weakness, but we appreciate the qualities in nature.  I can give my cooperation – I can uplift them.  But because of not giving cooperation with myself sometimes there is doubt, a lack of faith, but by seeing one as a soul, we will focus on their qualities.  Different coloured flowers, different leaves, different variations we appreciate, but with human beings if we don’t like a certain qualities in one…   So real love is to accept whatever they are, respect what their feelings are, and with a honest heart, feelings from the heart, sharing from the heart, then we can appreciate others.  It is only possible when I see myself as a soul and see others as souls, but when I see roles, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, then our attitude changes and love becomes expectations.  When expectations are there, you want something from them.


Love is giving, selfless giving, unconditional giving, unconditional caring, but only when I trust that the qualities I have, they have too.  There is peace, purity, happiness wisdom in them.  Even if one time someone has done something wrong, we keep thinking it will always be in them.  “look at this little girl, she doesn’t accept it” – we repeat many times with the same feeling – keeping the hurt in my heart.  And if I keep this hurt in my heart, repeating it many times this feeling, then I keep blocking with this.  Love is a bond – a relationship means sharing the qualities with each other.  When there are expectations, there is tension and when there is negativity with negativity, there is conflict.  Then I am not able to see my own speciality.  In seeing myself as a pure being, I am able to see my qualities as a soul.  When we say that God is love, God is truth, is this physical love?  Physical truth?  When I am able to see myself as a soul and others as a soul, then there is trust in others and trust in myself – loyalty to my own self, faith in my own self.  With the quality of love, patience is there, peace is there.  Knowledge of the soul is needed for this.  When you understand that the capacity of some differs, you do not lose hope in others.  In never losing hope in the self and in others, happiness is kept when keeping the inner power of this Supreme Being with us.

When I accept my own strength, then I can give cooperation, then I can have faith and give cooperation to others.  For cooperation, generally we think that this means we give cooperation of support to others but this does not last forever.  But cooperation of spiritual strength – that is reminding ourselves what our real power is, what are our specialities.  Without this realization then we become dependent of each other.  Can a seed grow without sunshine, the water, the soil?  For example, where does wealth come from?  From our natural resources.  Are we getting resources in a natural way?  Because we are not and we are misusing everything, nature is not cooperating.  When people become greedy, others do not giving cooperation.


Giving is receiving.  You plant the seed in the soil and the soil will give cooperation a thousand times more.  Some say, “I want cooperation from others,” expecting cooperation from others, but when I give cooperation, others will give cooperation.  Give respect and I will receive respect.  Love brings cooperation, but I don’t love myself.  Why don’t I love myself?  To love myself means to love my peace, my happiness, my purity, but somehow I identify with my body, so my qualities are not sustained.  So charity begins at home: I appreciate my qualities.  When I am not using them, they are not multiplied.  For example, when there are 50 seeds in the bag and 10 seeds that I plant – which ones are more valuable?  The value of the 10 seeds that I planted has increased because the natural nature – water, soil, land cooperated and its value has multiplied.  It has become source for others (food for the people living on the land).  So I am giving cooperation without knowing.  True cooperation is when I am giving it in a natural way.  Giving cooperation is generosity.  So you are giving cooperation when you are appreciating others, supporting others, trusting others and automatically you will receive cooperation.

With love we are encouraging others, with love we are supporting others, with love we are trusting others – cooperation comes.  There is a relationship between positivity with positivity; with soul and Supreme Soul; with soul and soul, then it becomes a seed of self-respect and respect with others.


In negative situations – I need to have love for myself.  For this Rakhi bracelet, this is a point of light in the middle, with two threads.  I the living energy, having the faith in myself, love for my own self, connect myself with the Supreme Soul – when these things come together:  love and faith for the self, love and faith in God, there is strength.  When there aren’t these two things, there is no strength.  When these two are tied, then the quality of these two are interacting with each other.  When someone is criticizing, defaming – how do I give cooperation?  Deep inside, that being knows that I have the capacity that I can do that and that person has a vision that I can do it, but I did not do it.  When I recognize that I have that quality in me, and understand that that person is reminding me that I am not doing what their vision they have of me that I can, I am transforming the negative into good.  I am maintaining peace within myself by maintaining my self-respect.  Trust in myself and I can have trust in others.  Trust in myself in order to maintain my self-respect, a true heart, a pure heart, then I am able to cooperate with myself.


Cooperation, love, trust are not just external things – they are eternal things within the self.  When my qualities are cooperating with myself and are healthy, then the relationship with another is healthy.  But when I hear from another that this person hates me, I trust what was told me and not the person they spoke of, I lose trust in myself.  So this Rakhi is about protecting myself with love and trust and faith in myself in challenges.  But these challenges are real and they help to bring out the potential in you.  So cooperation means I need to use realization, I need to use the power that the Supreme Being has given to me.  In order to trust in myself, once I let go of the pain that I have taken, blockage that I have kept, it won’t remain forever.  So this Rakhi is about determination and cooperation for the self.  Love for the self is for you to let go of the pain you have kept inside, any dependency, and addiction.  This is determination for you to give confidence, awareness, self respect – this is true love for one another, but first giving cooperation with the self.  Live in this world with self respect. Then you receive a sweet as a congratulations for letting go.


No one can take away my happiness, my power, my peace.  This is only possible when you believe you are a soul, not this body.  When you believe that you are living energy and that potential is in you, that it is living in you.  When you believe it is also living in others, then you give cooperation to others.  When I have that love for myself, when I am connecting to the Supreme Being – then there is that protection.  This is why we are tying this Rakhi – by keeping all of my relationships with the Supreme Being and harmony within myself.  Trust is automatically love and cooperation.  Then we give a sweet as well and a blessing so that we can keep the thoughts positive.  So that there is cooperation with ourselves, with others, and with nature.  Today we are tying ourselves with that determination – charity begins at home.  Love begins at home: eternal relationship with ourselves, with the Supreme Being, with others.  One family, one God – a natural love for each other.


Question: Can this spiritual love come without study?

If it is not given with some facts, it just becomes a philosophy.  You need to practice it.  Study means practice.  In order to practice, you need guidance.  Study is not fear, it is not blind faith. Study is love. Education is needed.  There is a school here to study how to love yourself, how not to have dependency.  If love creates fear, jealousy, then it is not love.  Cooperation is not obligation.  It is generosity and also royalty to support each other.  And faith is realization.


Om shanti.

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