Sudesh Didi – 13/09/2012



We are purifying the matter with detachment and purity.  When we come to Baba we do not only come for knowledge but also to get power to become virtuous.  Those who come to become visitors and just look around and leave will be only visitors again in the copper age and iron age.  They will be visitors in Baba’s family, will be treated royally, and then they will go away and will only remember the little happiness they experienced for a short time.


Hinduism  is the praise of deities who once lived in Golden Age.  Golden Age birth is based on sanskars, i.e. sansakrs of happiness is an achievement.  Purity and happiness is very important for Golden Age.  In world religions there is no joy of expression.  For example, Christians remember Jesus suffering on the cross and Mohammed being stoned or opposed, etc. But when there is purity  there is peace & happiness.  Sanyasis do yoga with Brahm element, but deity religion is joyous, for example you visualize Satyug and Krishna dancing in purity and bliss.


Question:  What is the meaning of drama?  Drama is not in the subtle region or soul world.  There is no action in soul world.  Baba did not make drama but we are the ones who make the drama.  The writer only writes the story and it is not a drama until it is enacted.  Drama goes hand in hand with laws of nature.  Laws of nature acted or unacted becomes karma.  You are not playing, but quality plays the role.  When body does not play the role, the matter plays the role.  When matter plays, it does not have a soul so it plays its role without understanding and feeling.  When you are influenced by matter, you will suffer.  Every time you forget about the action and reaction, the suffering will continue until you learn to make the choice using the intellect on the foundation of purity of virtues and happiness.  Baba speaks about the new world that will come again because happiness has to come again and a new world has to start.  Otherwise we will suffer forever.  Laws of nature have to go through the cycle


There are two diseases in the world, i.e. ego & depression, which is always due to not seeing the capacity of the soul.  Like the tree one time was full of fruits and flowers and now it is winter, so looks dead..  Baba is reminding us of that, look you were a beautiful person in Satyug, and if you believe it then you will be positive and beautiful and see the happy days.


When you operate from the ego level saying, I am good, I am perfect, etc. when you are actually not , you get depressed when you fail.  So, the lesson is, the vision of drama is what I need to realize, and break away from waste thoughts and then you will be happy and will not suffer in the midst of sorrow.



Question: When a person dies in an accident what happens to the soul?

The accident is an account that was to be settled with the matter.  The car or the machine or the situation is just an excuse.  The soul of the dead person goes in another body immediately, but his sanskars and attachments pull the soul to the old family and family keeps pulling the soul towards themselves.  In laukik traditions they have thirteen days (“thera divas” in Hindi prayers after the soul leaves the body and on the thirteenth day they say goodbye to the soul to it’s onwards journey. They say on that day, what was “mera” becomes “thera.” Death is actually change “dress and address” of the person and depends on how much karma is required to be finished in one human body and identity, and how long.   The reason for new babies dying early or babies dying in the womb is because the mother has an account to settle with the suffering of loss and pain.  The baby’s soul, however, will find its new body and it will not suffer, so not a problem.


Om Shanti.


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