Sudesh Didi – 04/09/2012

The Art of Handling Situations, People, Ourselves


In a powerful atmosphere with more than 150 attendees this program commenced with meditation followed by an introduction of Sudesh Didi who gave an inspiring talk on the above topic.


Art means expression. Displaying, presenting, understanding, experiencing. Specialty of an artist is – Ordinary things can be converted to extraordinary things. Very simple can be turned into very beautiful. From the forest leaves, branches etc, can be converted into a beautiful bouquet or Stones from the sea can become beautiful decoration pieces. Didi shared the experience of an incident when she was at school where, one day, a teacher brought a basket full of rubbish, things like corns, injections, coke cans etc. Also he brought some thorn bush and popcorns. The students started working with these things and these ordinary things were converted into beautiful pieces and from thorn bush and popcorn, they made a flower tree. It was like the “Art of dealing with thorns”. In the same way is the “Art of dealing the self”.


How do I want to handle myself? Are the problems outside? The Mind has many thoughts, fear, imagination and misunderstandings. What is the difference between my and self! We always say my problems, my relatives, my situations and so on. How many times do we use the word “my” from morning to evening!


The first “my” is my personal property which can’t be separated. You the soul exist in this costume. We say, it’s my body, my eyes, my face, my legs and so on. I have to take care of it. I am the owner of it. No one else can use or borrow my eyes when I am sleeping and use it for seeing things. When I am sleeping, no one can borrow my legs and use it for walking. Once you donate then it is not yours. These personal properties are like my palace, cottage or a house.


Second my, is relation because of body. Your mother is also your sister’s mother or your brother’s mother. This relation exists by nature. We need to learn to share the values of life, respecting others. But the fact is that values of life are not trained. The body can’t handle the body. The body does not know how to handle problems. Matter does not have the power of understanding. When I, the living energy, detach from body, only then I can handle problems. Otherwise sickness, worry etc. comes. We are overpowering the negative forces by becoming aware from the inside and experiencing that I am a loveful, capable, blissful soul.

In the year 1975, one day when Didi was at the London centre, there was severe cold, a mother came with a little girl who was sick. She was coughing and vomiting also. Didi advised the mother not to come to the centre and keep the child at home. The mother replied that it is her daughter who brings them here. Next day Didi spoke with the little girl and said she should not come to the centre, because it is very early in the morning so she should stay home and rest.  The answer of the little child was that it is her body that is sick and not she, the soul. The little child accepted the knowledge with a pure mind which filled her with inner confidence and made her powerful and so she was able to handle the problem.


If I am worried, there will be suffering and it will take alonger time to heal. If I am aware of my qualities, I can handle my relations. I need to be conscious of my inner original qualities and then I am able to remind myself and I can be a detached observer. If I the soul am not conscious of myself, then I am not able to solve the problems, and then, there are complaints from the parent for the child and husband for the wife and so on.


When there are negative forces like fear, position, comments, we become afraid and begin to suppress our qualities. There are no good relations between mother and a son or husband and a wife, because they do not value communication, but criticize the weaknesses of others. A person gave co operation 10 times, but if one time he does not, then, we don’t like it. We try to hide our weaknesses but by doing this neither our weaknesses are removed nor theirs. Our value decreases and the gap increases.


When we understand values, the knowledge, know the specialty of others and use it in a practical way, understanding that each individual is a soul and has their own capabilities.  One son may be clever and the other son is not intelligent, but may be good in something else. We feel that we are helping our child, but by comparing we don’t allow them to grow. For e.g., some plants are indoor plants, which can’t survive outside and some are outdoor plants, which can’t survive inside.  Individual seed has its own value and needs a different environment. If I am not a detached observer I can’t sustain them. In nature we accept and focus on good things but in relations, we can’t. e.g. in case of flower, we don’t pay attention to thorns or leaves. Honeybees bite, but the honey is sweet. Back home in India a buffalo is dark with thick skin but the milk is white. That means we accept goodness. I have to be honest. Co-operation brings power. I can’t continue blaming others. I have todo something, I have to accept weakness and sustain virtues. Head, heart and hand should go together. I have to be action oriented, determined. I have to do something. If there is no job, we complain that no one is cooperating. In a job interview, if I am going with fear, this vibration reaches first and then we end up saying that I knew the result, that I would not be selected.


Situation is there to think, problem is there to act. Knowledge is not meant for books, but we have to apply in our everyday life. We have to practice it.


Courage and clarity is required. Am I thinking in a right way! I have to ask myself and check my feeling , understanding. Openness is required. I want to help. Relationship is exchange of giving and receiving. If I always think I have to get something, it will not work. There should be honesty of checking self. It is important. Otherwise I am speaking to body and not to the soul. Taking husband, wife, mother and thinking as a body. And then we complain am I speaking to wall? Body does not have the Spiritual quality. Peace, love, wisdom, appreciation are the qualities of the soul

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