Jewels from Didi Sudesh (GTA visit)

Jewels from Didi Sudesh (GTA visit) – September 2012

Recognition of the Father. If it was just recognition based on the knowledge of who He is, then everyone would have recognition. So what recognition is He referring to when He says few attain this (know Me as I am, What I am)?

  • Who God is: the Truth of Him. As God is: how He acts – plays His part. Understanding, accepting and valuing this.
  • It is the role He plays, and how He plays it. Without understanding this, my relationship with Him will be difficult.
  • Recognizing Him as my Mother and Father is essential to being able to take or claim the inheritance.
  • Recognition of the Father is understanding what I receive from Him and having the ability to use it.
  • As the mouth-born child, I would value what Brahma Baba says.
  • Do I value knowledge and pay attention to it – this is also recognition.
  • Recognizing the Teacher is having love for the study – studying.
  • To doubt knowledge or the study is to doubt my own birth – to doubt Baba.

Karma Yogi.Needs to have zeal and enthusiasm, courage and tirelessness, as well as the power of concentration. Maintains a balance of action and detachment. It is a state of divinity where actions are performed using spiritual power and divine virtues. Virtues protect us against the vices of others – they become weapons, powers. Yoga protects us from our own vices and acquired nature (sins), which is why the fire of yoga is essential. Volcanic yoga is needed. For this, the I must first be seated on the seat of self respect. Be in that state of being a lighthouse and might-house.

Taking Defamation as Praise. When someone defames another, they are inferring a failure to express a perceived capacity – you could have done this, but you didn’t. To be able to receive the defamation as praise (maintain an elevated/pure attitude and vision), a stage of self respect equal to the Father is needed. In other words, a stage of self respect based on soul consciousness.

Constant Yogi. Always enables others to move forward.

On Celebrating Birthdays. Just as we have faith when our physical parents say we were born on such and such a day and accept it as fact, so do we also have this same faith when Baba says that our first birth was in the Golden Age. Do we accept it and celebrate it.

Friday, Sept. 7, 2012
In the Heart of God: Secret’s Revealed

What secrets are in God’s Heart? Secrets are revealed when there is love – they cannot remain hidden. Pure love allows us to let go of all the blockages. With God it is said: Love begets love. Love between human beings is conditional and filled with expectations, which when not met, break the heart. God’s Love is unconditional, eternal, unlimited and healing.

Innocence (eg. a small child) is pleased with small things. God is the Innocent Lord and wants only small things from us: a clean and honest heart. God does not have any expectations, but He does have hopes/good wishes for us. When we give our pure heart to God, we realise that He doesn’t give anything gross or perishable. When the heart is engaged to God, when there is that bhavna, then there can be that experience of nectar or sweetness in the life. By giving the heart to God first – become Parvati (the one who is beyond), the resulting power of renunciation/sacrifice gives the strength to face whatever may come.

Human love makes us blind, whereas God’s Love illuminates and opens the heart and brings lightness, by freeing the self from influences and creating acceptance.

Soul Consciousness creates the capacity to give first and bring the return of what is needed physically. Needs are in this way finished and the vision and attitude becomes loving. Love becomes painful when we only want, only take. It is the capacity to give that creates happiness and good feelings in relationships with others.

God’s heart reveals its secrets, the secrets of benevolence and the natural qualities of the soul that are experienced in the self, when we have that pure love for God and that soul conscious state of giving. When the forgiving nature is not there, when there isn’t that love for the self (soul consciousness), there is guilt/blame, and love is blocked. To be seated in God’s Heart is to have that self-respect where there are no desires. Where there is love, there is respect.

God is the Giver – Forgiver – the Bestower. To be in God’s Heart is to have that faith, the reality of being a soul and God’s child. He is our Father, and it is only our guilt and feelings of unworthiness that keep us distant from Him and unable to receive what He is offering – His Love. When there isn’t clear understanding, then there is fear, and we can’t experience what He is giving – the Ocean of Love.

There is no limit or time period to God’s Love. It is unlimited and constantly available. The capacity of human love with body consciousness is limited. Godly Love has no limits and therefore creates no barriers, jealousy, competition, etc. God’s Heart Throne is unlimited, and it is very easy to climb. It only requires pure love in the heart – love for One.

If there is faith in God, but also love for objects and bodily beings, then when we don’t have our hopes fulfilled, we lose faith. Worldly love may be very attractive, but cannot satisfy the soul. God’s Heart reveals the secret of how elevated we once were – what can no longer be seen, but which the soul longs for.

God has, as the Father, the image of our perfect form. He cannot forget our real potential. He knows we are His diamond children. God’s Love shines light on our true self, as does soul consciousness. This self-respect allows us to climb onto His Heart Throne. We remember God, but forget ourselves, hidden beneath the layers of body conscious identity, and so cannot experience that Love that reveals our true nature. To know the self again as that living diamond seated in the center of the forehead, allows me to open my heart. Otherwise, all the layers and artificial rituals/feelings create fear in our interaction with God. And the heart remains blocked.

First, God makes us see our perfect form, and then gives the power to have the faith/believe I was that and can become that once again. Simply have that pure love where God is my One Strength and One Support as a soul – His child. Rituals only make our love artificial and we cannot experience God’s Love.

God gives us the mirror of our absolute beauty as well as the truth of what we’ve become, with the understanding a faith that we must now become that perfection. Identification with the body changes our personality and nature, and the connection is broken. But our perfect image never leaves God’s Heart. God’s Heart – His Love – makes us clean like a mirror and strong like a diamond. It makes us perfect and allows us to remove weaknesses with the power to not be influenced by what we became.

Q & A:
Never thought or heard of soul before. Why? Why are we not taught this as children?
The cause of great suffering is that we wait until there is such great distress before we look for the cause and to heal ourselves.That we do not know the soul – its nature – is the ultimate cause of suffering and sorrow. But no one knows this to teach it to others. Children should be taught who they are before that weight of karmic accounts kicks in, and more are created.

How can I remember God?

God does not want our belief in Him. He wants us to believe in ourselves. First remember yourself and open your heart to receive God’s Love that nurtures and empowers our pure nature. This brings real happiness and prosperity.

Most people are too busy getting stuff and aren’t interested in spirituality.
As much as people are caught up in materialism, every human being – every soul – is looking for the qualities of the soul, what spirituality and ultimately God, are offering.

Why is there only an interest in these things when we’re older?

We don’t think of ourselves as a soul until much later in life or after death, when others think of the departed as a soul. But not while living in the body. We have forgotten this.

How can we make this practical?
If I want to get something, I have to pay. In the same way, if I want to get peace, I have to pay attention and use my innate qualities. “I am a pure and peaceful soul – it is my true nature.”

What is meditation?

Being connected with my inner qualities – with who I am. The art of thinking, the art of living. First meditation, then yoga.

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