This series helps us in healing parent child relationships right from the womb of the mother, patterns of rejection, comparison, criticism and deep belief systems which parents transfer to children. It is a step by step guide to overcome habits of guiltanger and conflict and replace them with unconditional respect, trust and empathy.

It covers a spectrum of issues from a simple difference of opinion to child abuse and extramarital relationships. Relationships the most beautiful experience of our life, today seem to be the cause of our stress, anger and frustration. Understanding and accepting people have become a challenge.

Relationships are not about what we say or do for others but how we think and feel about them, and hence every relationship begins with our relationship with our self. Realising our true self, the being of purity, peace, love and bliss and connecting to another being, is a connection which is beyond labels, roles and responsibilities, it is a SOUL CONNECTION.

A connection where expectations and dependencies finish and acceptance seems to be a natural way of living. A connection where love, compassion and empowerment is experienced in every interaction.

      SOUL CONNECTION (please select your topic below)

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