Service and Remembrance

Service and Remembrance – Dadi Prakashmani Ji
God is the Sun of Knowledge and He gives such rays that nothing can be hidden from us. To be constantly cheerful is to make true effort. We know we’ll receive the fruit in the golden age, but we can experience that happiness now if we have self-sovereignty, when the mind and sense organs are in order. There shouldn’t be a wave of sorrow in our
mind. Baba has given us this life to be happy and take blessings. Our happiness should finish any trace of sorrow in the gathering. Don’t hide any sickness, nor talk to others about it and spoil the atmosphere, but speak to Baba about it and He’ll put it right.

There is service in being a good companion. Whatever service is in front, be co-operative in that service. To think of just sitting in one corner having yoga is fine, but the proof of yoga is being co-operative with all. Have a record of giving co-operation throughout your life. You should suit every gathering. Learn everything secretly so that you’re
able to do whatever is needed at the time. A yogi soul is free of thinking and talking about problems.

We should be like cool water. Become cool by teaching yourself. Don’t say others should learn and understand. These thoughts will give you sorrow. To say others have to change shows very ordinary thinking. When we give Baba our finger of co-operation, see how much Baba helps the soul. We become free from sin and show others this path. When we increase the power of concentration we can finish all other thoughts. Keep a chart in order to finish off speaking and thinking wasteful things.
If we quarrel amongst ourselves, how can we show the path to others. If we didn’t have this ‘army’, maya would eat us whole. Those who sulk will remember their lokik home. If there isn’t Baba’s remembrance, your happiness diminishes. Externally you may look happy, but internally you’re not happy. Happiness is a big property.

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