Increase the power of the mind

Increase the power of the mind, by coming into sound less and going beyond sound.
Dadi Prakashmani Ji

Baba makes everything very easy for the children. Whatever the people
of the world find difficult is very easy for Baba’s children. Baba has
given me this special opportunity to experience the power of silence.
Everyone’s good wishes and blessings are being received from all over
the world and is enabling the soul to fly. It is also my desire that
Baba’s children everywhere should experience this stage also. Let your
stage be free from obstacles. Every day is not going to be the same.
So let your remembrance be unbreakable, filled with total faith in
your intellect. If a soul has the habit of overcoming obstacles, then
whatever obstacles come in front of the soul, they can easily overcome
these by taking a high jump.

Sweet Baba makes us children the master
almighty authorities by constantly keeping us under His canopy of
protection. When we remain under this canopy of protection, even the
shadow of Maya cannot fall over us. We have been able to overcome
everything because we are now sitting in the boat of truth and have
taken the support of humility. In service, we are just instruments.

Sweet Baba mentioned last season that we have to continue to serve with
the power of the mind, and increase the power of mind, and come into
sound less. The more we go beyond sound, the more the power of subtle
thoughts enables us to overcome everything easily. Sweet Baba is
making everything so easy! This is also the wonderful game of God;
whatever the people of the world consider to be difficult and are
afraid of, Baba says all of that is very easy!

On the day of Tuesday, the auspicious day of Vishnu, I went to the
hospital for a check up and had angiograph followed by angioplasty.
The experience of this was just like pulling hair out of butter; the
soul was totally beyond and no feeling of any type of pain. There
wasn’t any feeling like you might have even of an injection. The
experience was that all the old accounts are now being settled and
whatever accounts were hidden and still remain are also being settled.
This has also been an opportunity to accumulate the power of silence.
The apron is overflowing with good wishes and blessings received from
all over the world, including Madhuban, the foreign lands and Bharat
and the treasure store has become full. The treasure store has now
become so full that the heart says: Everyone should continue to
receive such blessings from Baba and the family, enabling souls to fly
on the “uran khatola” flying magic carpet. These are now the moments
of our flying stage, of flying and inspiring others to fly, and when
we fly, then with our attitude and vibrations, the hearts of others
also desire to do the same.

Become free from attachment so that no
veins are being pulled, so that you are able to go beyond your body,
bodily relations and the physical world. When you come close to Baba,
then this world is not visible. Baba has personally come in front of
us, but is so yuktivan (tactfully), He pulls us away
from here to Him there.

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