Dadi Janki – 26/08/12

Yoga and co-operation

Baba and Dadiji said yesterday that we have to bring time close; we have to have mercy for all those who are experiencing sorrow and show them the path of liberation and liberation in life. Most souls will just go to the land of liberation. Baba said: The old world has to be destroyed and so there have to be people to prepare the bombs. They too have to be sent to the land of liberation with love. All karmic accounts will be settled at the end and everyone will go back home. We have to pay a lot of attention to keeping our intellect in good shape. Our final thoughts will lead us to our destination, so we have to be accurate in everything.
Baba says: Become healthy, wealthy and happy.  First you become wealthy – you possess the jewels of knowledge; then you become healthy – you don’t keep anything in your mind or your heart – and then you become ever happy.  When you are happy, all sorrow is forgotten. Therefore God says: Remove all attachment, remove the five vices, remove the arrogance of the body. Most people have a lot of arrogance. We have killed our arrogance. We don’t have name and fame or position. We don’t want any wealth. There has been a lot of transformation. So many people – householders and sannyasis – are concerned about their position. With us, when there is opposition, that’s when we stay in our position: we are carefree, we wear white clothes, our pockets are empty – and we are becoming the masters of the world.
So many types of service are happening now. But what will you do next? TheMillion Minutes of Peace initiative – to collect minutes of peace from individuals in order to bring peace to the world – was suggested by a small child. It taken to the United Nations, and they contributed their million minutes. People find it very difficult to stay in peace and yet everything happened so easily.  Around the world there have been not a million but a billion minutes of peace. But in the world nobody can stay in silence for even a minute but here I will hold the number one position for doing this: I want to do it first.  What is there to do but remain in peace? So much service was done through that project. What is next?
Another successful international initiative was Global Co-operation for a Better World. Through co-operation (sahayoga) there was a lot of expansion in service. There was yoga and easy (sehej) yoga. Did you become co-operative through yoga or were you first a yogi and then co-operative?  When we are co-operative the gathering becomes powerful. Some may say ‘I had very good yoga today’ but if they find it difficult to be in the gathering, to co-operate in the yagya, they are weak – they are not easy yogis.
There are four subjects: knowledge, remembrance, service and dharna. Have the aim to pass with full marks in all four Having even two marks less in one subject will cause you a great loss. You have sacrificed your life to God. He is my Baba and I am His child. In that case, why haven’t you become detached from your body? Why are you not able to detach from it in a second? Why are you still pulled by bodily relations? Because your sins of the past have not been destroyed, you are unable to have accurate yoga with the Father. Only remembrance can destroy past sins, so that the soul becomes free and can perform elevated karma. Baba is putting us in the boat of truth and taking us across.  We are doing a lot of service, establishing the new world. Baba has not taken our bodies on loan but has made us His children – He is teaching us, sustaining us and making us worthy.
Yoga means full concentration and connection with the One Father. We are not just praising the virtues or giving a lecture on them, we are bringing them into our own lives.  Baba says: Whatever virtue I have, you have too.  Baba feeds us and makes us strong. By conquering the vices you will become karmateet. To achieve the karmateet stage you have to take good care of your intellect. Never think ‘I did it’ or ‘I have to do it.’  Baba the Doer and if He wants to do anything through us – it is our fortune to be His instruments. Be bodiless and a trustee. If you get 100% in this you’ll pass in all four subjects. Just have true and pure feelings, and good wishes – that’s all. Make God your Companion and watch the drama as detached observers.
At this point in the cycle, you have to benefit time, have good quality thoughts and stay in your self esteem. Understand that the Father is doing everything. Recognise that everyone in the family is good; if you are influenced by or feel dislike for anyone, you won’t become a yogi. Baba is the Boatman and the Gardener and we are walking along with Him. Let everyone see us and follow us. It’s time for all to go home.  Dadiji said that we have zeal and enthusiasm for service but we must also have volcanic yoga. Know that you are the victorious jewels and success is your birthright.
Om shanti.

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