Dadi Janki – 30/10/2012

The business of jewels is the best business


This is the Confluence Age and Baba is the Beloved.  He is so sweet.  He is the Bestower of Peace and Happiness.   Such is our Father. He is the Remover of Sorrow and thus, as Baba’s son, I cannot cause sorrow to anyone. Remaining peaceful automatically makes the soul happy. However,   power is needed in order to stay in peace and happiness. Therefore, remain in Baba’s company and you will receive the power you need to stay peaceful and happy.


Look at yourself and see if there is any attraction to material things and people.  Any type of desire prevents the soul experiencing contentment.  We have received so much.  The Bestower Himself is ours.  The One who gives me the entire world is mine! The Father, the Bestower of Happiness belongs to me!   What else do I need? Instead of pointing a finger at others, point a finger at yourself and at the One above. Be introverted now ; increase your power of concentration and become a lover of solitude.


In order to stay in unity, speak sweetly.  If someone is truly spiritual they are able to speak sweet words.   When there is true spirituality, spiritual love is present in relationships and there is no confusion about anyone.   Imbibe godly virtues within the self because they automatically work within.  Keep yourself free.  Those who are clean are attracted by the magnet. Make your stage like a magnet so that you make everyone clean and pure like Baba.  He attracted us and thus we have no attraction to worldly things.  We do not need anything.  This is royalty. If you are asked if you need anything you should feel that you don’t.  However, accept with love what is offered with love. Don’t reject anyone or anything.  Be royal and real. If anything is lacking within it takes the soul far aware from reality and royalty.


Baba is the Businessman, the Magnet and the Jeweller.  Go into business with Him!  The business of the jewels of knowledge is the best business.  Only do this business.  If someone comes to you, sit and explain everything to them.  Be very kind to them and they will say that you have a very good business.  They will become more and more attracted – more and magic will happen.


Be simple. This is very important. Say ‘yes’ to any type of service you are offered. Dadi has always said ‘yes’ to service and this is why others say ‘yes’ to her.


Stay in the self respect of who you are, who you belong to, what you do and what is being done.   Baba is the Doer.  He gives us power and gets things done.  I just have to remain aware that I am an instrument and act as an instrument, and everything happens well.


I am giving you food for your intellect and so don’t have the thought that Baba is not coming.  Invoke Baba and Dadi here.  This is the Confluence Age and the Confluence Age is the time to meet God.  The soul and Supreme Soul remained separated for a long time and the agent came in between to enable us to meet the Father.  The more love you have for Baba, the more love you will receive from Him and the family.


Om Shanti


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