Dadi Janki – 29/10/2012

It’s time to remain in the loveleen stage


Baba has made us fortunate by making us Brahmins and now angels. We were ordinary human beings before and we know what we were like. We don’t need to remember what we were like anymore. We are now the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Brahma is my Mother. Shiva is my Father. I am their child. Shiv Baba doesn’t have parents. Brahma has a Father but no Mother. We have both parents. ‘It is through their mercy that we attain abundant happiness…No can attain Your limits as You are the Highest-on-High God!’ We used to sing His praise as our Mother and Father in bhakti but now understand the significance. We have received power to experience peace, happiness and bliss.

Someone asked me ‘Who can remain in bliss?’ Happiness can disappear at times, but when we are lost in love we experience true bliss. Baba talked about how devotees speak of the ‘leen’ stage (where one merges into the Supreme) but they have forgotten one word: we do not merge in God but we become lost in love (love-leen)… Today Baba said, the Father is present in front of you. In lokik Indian courts, they say take a vow of speaking the truth considering God to be present… They just speak it, but it’s a false vow as God is not omnipresent. However, God is now in front of us and taking us beyond with His vision. We don’t take vows, but in His presence our mind becomes quiet, and body cool. Isn’t that a pleasant experience? We are easily able to have yoga in this way.

Baba has the pure feeling that we should forget the body, bodily relations and remember Him. But let me tell you, the strength received by remembering Baba makes us detach easily from the body and relations. The more detached we are, the more we receive Baba’s love. Detached from the world, and loving to Baba. Nothing else is remembered. There is no need then to make effort to forget the old or say ‘how can I forget this and that…’

For so many years we have heard Baba share wisdom through the sakar and avyakt forms. Now Dadi Gulzar is in a space beyond sound, that is, she doesn’t come into sound much. No one can ask why is this scene like this? Or what has to be done? We have to do as Baba has instructed us. We have received so much sustenance in the past 43 years of the Avyakt part. So now we are receiving the signal: what are you going to do now having received so much sustenance? You are not stuck in conflicts of intention, nature or sanskars, jealousy and dislike are you?

You may say we are Brahma Kumaris and Kumars, service is expanding greatly but if our stage has not become complete and perfect with peace and happiness then how will we face Baba? No matter what situation or problem comes to you through mind, body, wealth or relations, it will go away and not remain for long. Look at your own stage: swa-sthiti.

Baba has given us three thrones: the immortal throne of the soul (forehead), Baba’s heart-throne, and the future throne of heaven. Keeping the future throne before us, in order to be seated on Baba’s heart-throne, I have to please the Lord with an honest heart. Do not hide anything from Baba. If you hide anything, you will not receive the reward.

Previously we used to say we have to see Father and Mother, and Follow Father. Now we say we have to become Bap Samaan (equal to the Father). Just do everything as Baba did. Let it appear as though Baba is doing it… Some children have faces identical to their lokik father so we too have to be like our Father.

Just look at how souls come running to Madhuban out of love and attraction for Madhuban. According to drama, Baba is still creating the same atmosphere in the Hall and in Madhuban as when He descends. Dadi Gulzar is resting in Ahmedabad but Baba does not stop His task of giving experiences. Baba does what He needs to, and our duty is to understand and know Karankaravanhar Baba. With an intellect filled with faith, remain carefree. What is destined will happen so be immovable and unshakeable. Now is the time to remain cautious, and be an example for the progress of others. In my stage of ascent lies the benefit of many others.

Om Shanti

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