Dadi Janki – 28/10/2012

Baba is always creating newness…


Everyone everywhere is giving up their time of rest and sleep for unlimited service.  All this time for seva is glorifying Baba’s name and each one is accumulating in their account of charity.  (Dadi is meeting a group from Russia).  Seeing the beauty of the group, Dadi was reminded of how great and beautiful Baba is, the One who has created such a beautiful creation.  Many brothers and sisters are returning to their places from Madhuban and have been writing their experiences to Dadi.  Dadi Gulzar, when she gave Baba’s message, said that Baba is creating a new game and a new method so that everything of the old and the past is finished and we are able to experience newness and come close to our stage of completion and perfection.  (Many arriving and leaving from Ahmedabad have had the opportunity of meeting Dadi Gulzar).


Dadi is relating her experience of today’s murli, that she was so intoxicated with it that when she was eating her breakfast she was eating with that same intoxication.  The practise that was instilled in childhood was to eat in silence and no one would say a word.  The awareness at breakfast was: I am sitting in God’s home.  I am eating what God has provided from God’s bhandara and I am eating in God’s remembrance so, I am accumulating for 21 births.


Those who prepare the toli, make and serve it with so much love and those who eat it… every step an income is earned when there is this love.  Baba has been sharing so many elevated things with us.  Dadi was asked: How can we maintain our unity with One direction, following Shrimat?   Dadi replied: I just accept everything with love and regard and say ‘yes’ to everything.  When anyone comes in front of me, or whoever I ask, they say, “Ha ji”


Everyone has received a huge blessing of love, unity and truth and working with cooperation.  So the garland of victory and completion is around everyone’s neck.  Each and every child of Baba is so lovely.


Om Shanti


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