Dadi Janki – 28/10/2012

What do we love knowing?


Today’s Murli must have struck your heart. With great simplicity and clarity Baba explained so many aspects. Whether someone is new or old their eyes would have opened. We listen through our ears and we use the third eye to see the self.


This is the confluence. Until the doors are open to go back, souls will continue to come down. It feels that we will stay in our home for only a short time. Baba has given us the introduction to ourselves and our own home. When someone learns about their home and they know the route home, they love it very much.


We love the fact that we have the knowledge of the soul and the introduction to Baba. I the soul have to check myself. When I receive the introduction to my soul I love it. Knowledge of the soul, the Supreme Soul and the home are all essential. Within a second you can sit and reach the home. In fact, these aspects are visible in Brahma Baba’s face.


In the early days we used to discuss the knowledge together. Nowadays we get news of service but in those days we paid a great deal of attention to sharing knowledge. Nowadays you say that you don’t have time to have spiritual conversation. We would sit together for two hours at a time exchanging drishti and thoughts of Baba’s love. When we used to listen to Baba we felt such intoxication that we didn’t know whether we were in our bodies or not.


In the avyakt form Baba is doing unlimited service. I never saw that Brahma Baba and Shiv Baba were separate. They had so much love for each other; it was as if they were inseparable. Baba has told us to merge in love with Baba – to merge both of them in our eyes. This kind of love helps to make the soul complete.


It is time to become like Baba. Just as everyone remembers BapDada on seeing Dadi Gulzar, so they should remember Baba when they see me. Many people will have visions and they will ask who we are. We have to become such vision giving children of Baba.


Om Shanti

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