Dadi Janki – 27/11/2012

An attitude of renunciation enables the soul to connect to God


Let your ‘om shanti’ reach far.  I was in Diamond Hall, Shantivan for Amrit Vela, during the day I was in Gyan Sarovar and this evening I am here in Pandav Bhavan.  This is my great fortune.  The topic for today was ‘how we receive happiness and peace through Raj Yoga’.  All of you must have received these through Raj Yoga.  I have the fortune to spend time with Dadi Gulzar twice a day, morning and evening.  The benefit of these meetings is amazing.  Her face and whole personage is speaking and saying ‘Baba’.  I say ‘Om Shanti’ and she says ‘Baba’.  There is so much peace, love, happiness and power within Dadi I want to make sure there is no less within me.  This is a matter of fortune, not jealousy or competition.  Baba gives us support to make as much effort as we wish to make.


Baba is using Dadi Gulzar as His vehicle. She is the instrument for Baba to give avyakt sustenance.  Baba has made her like that and she has made sure that she is a well set instrument and keeps herself fully available for Baba.  So just as Dadi Gulzar’s face radiates with these qualities it is my thought that my face and all of yours do so too.  This is my bhavna for everyone.  I have bhavna for the whole godly family because this bhavna gets the work done.  How many of you experience that bhavna gets the work done? If bhavna has worked on you then maintain elevated bhavna for everyone no matter what happens.  Go deep inside yourself and you will see that there are no problems at all when we have good feelings for people.  See how wonderful the drama is.  This is predestined.  Whatever I say or experience I speak.  I wish to say these things to my brothers and sisters.   There are so many people whose lives have been made good through bhavna and so much service has occurred through bhavna.  It is not about words, but about a deep internal feeling because we are the children of God.


The path of bhakti runs on the basis of bhavna, of faith.  Someone gets a vision due to the power of their faith.  If someone gets a child or grandchild it is also the power of their faith.  We are not here to attain wealth or grandchildren! Here what everyone wants is love, happiness and power.  How did we attain these …through faith and through our fortune that God has given to us. Through faith our fortune opened up.  Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar or Shantivan – Baba has created such places and given them to us.  People cannot stay peaceful all by themselves and to create the possibility of staying peaceful throughout the whole cycle we have to take care of the atmosphere and vibrations. This is what Madhuban does.  This is the place.  They say that walls have ‘ears’.  Walls are created through the ‘vibrations’.  If you go to a temple, a gurudwara, or a mosque or church…what will there be.  In a church you will find the memorials of Christ.  In a mosque you will find a memorial of Mohammed.  In a gurudwara you will find memorial of the Sikh Gurus.  Madhuban, is the place where Brahma Baba has created his memorial.  It is a place that he created so that we could also be created.  He made this place for us.  Such is my Baba.  Very sweet and beloved Baba.  He is so different from anyone else…..detached from all things and he pulls us to this place.  He says ‘children, come and be in this place that has been created and take from it’.  This is the time to create your fortune.  ‘I am sitting here’, the One who inspires you to create your fortune is getting it done.  We do not have to create effort.  All we have to do is keep ourselves in front of Baba.


I remember different incidents of being with Baba and these words ring in my mind throughout the whole day.   Baba came in front of me asking ‘Child, do you have any orders?’ I start to smile… Baba has said ‘Child, you have always said yes to Baba and because of that Baba is always present in front of you and ready to fulfil anything you ask’.  I have the experience that Baba is present in front of me.  Do you experience this?  Baba reminds us:  Do you remember who you are?  Anyone can have the experience that ‘God is with me’.  There is nothing of concern for us because Baba is with us.  We have power, happiness and such good experience that all the heart says is ‘where should I place the next step’.  In each step there is an income.  To the extent we ‘step’ we create income.  At the end of 1989 I had such a situation of health that I really thought that I was to leave the body and I said that I must take leave of Baba on the 31.12.1989.  With a lot of inspiration Baba gave me such power from midnight that night and He said to me that the elements of matter would cooperate with me.  It is 22 years since that day and in the month of March that year Baba said, ‘Child you must go to London’.  I said, ‘Baba, how will I go there?’ and Baba said ‘Just your presence is sufficient’…..God spoke these words.  There is great benefit in simply being present.  What is it to be present?  To be aware of who am I and see the form of the self.  Each one should see to what extent there is the attitude of renunciation, without desire, and the attitude of being beyond.  It is through these attitudes that there can be such a connection with Baba. The intellect should not be drawn anywhere, but remain up above and not come down. Experience ‘Baba is doing’ and getting everything done.  We make our stage and experience the impact of Baba’s company colouring us and taking us beyond.  We cannot attain this stage through laborious efforts.  When we are sustained by Baba, it is easy to stay up above.  It is with the feeling of gratitude that we are able to smile about everything.  I am able to say thank you to Baba and smile.  Keep a happy face and keep your ‘chit’, memory track, in a state of happiness.


I rehearse the smile of the deity.  It is a smile that is filled with faith.  So when people see it they become happy.  Take this happiness.  Deities don’t give anything but everyone receives happiness from the deities.   We are so fortunate.  Baba is the Remover of Sorrow and we are the children of This One who gives happiness and peace.  Keep rehearsing this stage by knowing yourself and do not become ordinary or allow the state of mind to fluctuate.  Remain deep inside.  We are Brahmins who are in the process of becoming angels.  Angels do not have parents but are the direct children of God.  There are very few who are in this subtle stage.  In this clean, pure and true state.  Angels give power to others.  There is a belief that during the time of dusk the angels move around up above.  Are we also doing this rehearsal?  Has anyone the courage to share the experience of being the angel or the experience they have attained through faith whilst alone or in the gathering.    Om Shanti


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