Dadi Janki – 27/10/2012

Am I paying attention to my time and thoughts?


We have a very good chance to see ourselves in Madhuban. We don’t need to see anyone else; just the self and God. Seeing the self and seeing God allows one to become a helper of God and to create one’s fortune. To the extent I look at Him, He looks at me. If I look at God would it be possible for Him not to look at me? He is the One with all the powers and He looks at the soul with such power that it destroys our weaknesses.


In each Murli Baba tells us to consider the self as a soul, remember the Supreme Father and spin the cycle. The tree is an inverted tree; the seed is up above. The branches and twigs develop over time. For 15 minutes or half an hour sit in front of the picture of the tree and go into the depths. The remembrance of Baba will then come to you. At the end of the kalpa, we sit at the roots of the tree doing tapasya. In order to explain the tree we show the picture of it the right way up.


Each day Baba tells us wonderful things so that we can churn the knowledge. We now understand the deep meaning of every word. In the Gita it says to hold the self stable in the deep meaning of ‘om’. Previously we didn’t know the meaning of ‘om’. Now, we understand that it means to hold the self in the awareness of the soul. It is through study we understand what the last thought has to be. Someone may have studied for 20 years but as  soon as they start this study, the real learning begins.


How can I become the master of my sense organs? We have all done wrong actions through these sense organs. The mind had come under the influence of the sense organs. Through Manmanabhav we can  become the ruler of the mind and the sense organs. Baba tells us that if we do good actions we will receive power. We have to become very wise and full of understanding.  When the intellect is stable and still, cool and calm, the mind can come under our control.


We have the deep knowledge of the mind, intellect and sanskaras. People say they want peace of mind but that can only happen when the intellect stops wandering. Only when the soul comes in order can it expect to be worthy to marry Laxmi. The five vices, especially lust, are the gateway to hell. We have to understand deeply that these lead to hell. They make a soul into a monkey. To conquer them we have to stay in the awareness of the soul and remain in remembrance of the Supreme Soul. Only then can the soul conquer lust and experience supersensuous joy. When you conquer your senses you can experience supersensuous joy. There is victory when there is faith – then you can conquer the sense organs. Baba is watching. Consider the self as a soul – be detached from the body. This stage can only happen when there is Baba’s remembrance because then the soul is drawing power. That power removes the effect of sorrow… Whatever passed even a minute ago has to be left behind. Even if you thought someone did something wrong, that thought is now not appropriate. Avyakt BapDada has drawn our attention again and again to thoughts and time and how both have to be used profitably.


Baba’s wise children have been touched in the heart by this awareness; my fortune is being made through using my thoughts in a worthwhile way.  Time and thought… what are your feelings about these? On one side fortune, on the other side,  the Bestower of Fortune. The clock is moving. This moment will not return. This moment defines the value of life. Each moment should be full of profit – I should have this much attention. Nothing should go to waste. You will then see that you are always full of wealth, health and happiness. It is not a question of the wealth of money but you will feel that you are earning an income.


Those for whom I am an instrument should also be earning an income at every step – using their time in a worthwhile way. Dadi is concerned about this. If you sit in yoga in the gathering, you will sit with attention for 30 minutes. If you sit alone, you will keep looking at the clock and will get up after 5 or 10 minutes.


A great deal of service has taken place through drishti. The mind and attitude are transformed through Baba’s drishti. When souls receive drishti and experience silence then they move into peace. To know, accept, realise and then to experience something in one’s life is to be multi-million times fortunate. Your attraction to God and the experience of Him can free others and liberate them from their attraction to maya.


Om Shanti

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