Dadi Janki – 26/11/2012

It’s time to become a totally obedient child of Baba


On coming to Baba we became 100 fold fortunate. We can then move on to become 1,000 fold fortunate. A wise soul will then go on to use the fortune they have received to become 1,000 000 times fortunate. There is peace in happiness and happiness in peace. The true of experience of happiness and peace create bliss within. It is the time to experience supersensuous joy. We now have peace, happiness, love and bliss in our lives. It is Baba’s power that enables the soul to maintain and accumulate these qualities within. This is the time to imbibe divine virtues. The more you have yoga, the more you will receive power.


We are the sons of Baba. We say Brahma Kumars and Kumaris but in relation to Shiv Baba we are all His sons. At the Confluence Baba has kept the mothers and daughters in front. In the past people used to say that women are the doorway to hell but Baba is allowing them to open the doors to heaven! We are the pandavas and the shaktis. There is so much praise of the shaktis; Laxmi, Saraswati, Santoshi Devi…  On the side of the pandavas there is Arjun, Bheem Nakhul, Sardev, Yudishtra… There is the praise of the Pandava Army.


From Pandav Bhavan, Gyan Sarovar was established and from Gyan Sarovar, Shantivan was established. Then Manmohini Complex was built. It seems that as much as we build, that many of Baba’s children are born! A lot has been done and a lot more will be done. This is the task of the Supreme Soul. There is such a huge kitchen in Shantivan – just go to see it and you will be amazed!


What is my task then? It is to be co-operative in Baba’s service. If you say that you are Baba’s child and yet don’t service from your heart then what type of child are you? It is through service one receives fruit. One benefits the self by doing service. This is God’s home and therefore we have to be truthful. One should be the same inside and out… I should not be one with two faces. We can’t just speak whatever comes into mind. We have to be gyan yukt when we speak to others. I have to eat what Baba gives me and speak about what He teaches me. We don’t belong to this world anymore. It is time to sacrifice everything including the body and bodily relationships. It is time to become a totally obedient child of Baba.


Baba is coming after 3 days. Therefore it is time to speed up one’s effort. Have you become such a pandava who is referred to in the scriptures? What is in your heart will come into your actions and you will become that practically. Always remember: I am a pandava, I am a Shakti. For those who are kauravas money and material things are everything.


What are the six awarenesses we need to constantly create in ourselves? Who am I? Who do I belong to? What is my form? Where do I reside? Why have I come into this cycle? Where is that home I now have to go back to? Again and again remember your point of light form and spin the discus of self realisation. I am Baba’s child. I don’t have to go back alone. Baba has come to ‘salvage’ me from this vicious world and has placed me in the boat of truth. He has come to establish the righteous kingdom and He will take me back with Himself. I will then come into that kingdom to play my part.


900,000 souls have now been prepared. Yet by the end of the end of the silver age there will be 330 000 000. Do you keep the aim to come in the Rosary of Victory? If you wish to come in that rosary you have to leave the customs and systems of the old world and follow what Baba says. My task is to remember my incorporeal Father. Let anything happen but don’t allow it to impact you in such a way that you become sorrowful.


Om Shanti

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