Dadi Janki – 26/10/2012

The ocean takes us beyond the noise of the world


Do you have the inner feeling that you have attained a great deal? Do you realise how much Baba has given?  If you realise what He has given then you will feel great appreciation. Take what is given and you will be able to remain happy and give others happiness. If you are doing as Baba says then you will be able to remain happy. Baba has understood us and when a soul is understood it feels happy. Keep your heart happy from today – deep within. Then when others see your happiness they will also feel happy. There should be nothing that can take away my happiness.


Baba has told us not to speak bitter words. I have to speak very sweetly. However, don’t speak so sweetly that someone gets caught up with you because of that sweetness!  Sweet means spiritual. I am a soul, God’s child. True spirituality brings me into the state of being complete – naturally sweet… just as fruit is. Fruit doesn’t need sugar. True sweetness is powerful. True sweetness means there is no irritation, no dislike for anyone, no discrimination between what is good and what is not good. To say ‘I like this but I don’t like that’ is body consciousness. I should feel that everything is fine.  Whatever you say can be heard by the One up above. Whatever my feelings are within can be felt by others and are reflected by others.


Those who have a refined intellect have very good touching and catching power. They can go into the depth and the subtlety. We have to each grind our own ingredients; that is the knowledge. One is to think, the next stage is to think deeply and the last is to really churn. In deep thinking about God you make a connection with God. You can then go deeply and accurately into knowledge.


Remember that when the Sun of Knowledge rises, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. All our darkness has now been dispelled. Dadi loves the ocean. The ocean takes us beyond the noise of the world. At the ocean, on the horizon, you can see the meeting of the ocean and the sky. Our yoga of the intellect is with the Sun of Knowledge and the Ocean of Knowledge. Experience this for just a second; the ocean makes us cool while the Sun gives us light, warmth and takes away darkness. Many years ago we used to bathe in the Sun. It was the best medicine for physical and mental sickness.


Become internalised, go within and you will then be able to go up to the Sun of Knowledge. You will then be able to fill yourself.  One who has the concern to claim a high status will play with the jewels of knowledge. This is the kind of effort one has to make to claim a high status. To make effort means to be truthful and loving. Go into the depths of truth and all signs and traces of falsehood within you will disappear. Remember we are going to the age of truth but before I go there I have to become a diamond. Become a tiny, perfect diamond, without any flaws – so subtle. For that you need checking power, the power of discrimination. If you sometime think the artificial is real then it means you have a gross intellect. One needs a very far sighted intellect. To see the One up above, I need a broad and far sighted intellect.


Shiv Baba comes in the confluence and then goes back to Paramdham…  He has brought you all here from all over the world.  You have all saved up to come to Madhuban and so Baba gives you so much love. You become clouds in Madhuban, you fill yourselves and then go and share. The clouds draw water from the ocean and take sakash from the Sun. This is how service has developed. Shiv Baba has given us everything through the medium of Brahma. Brahma has a lot of compassion for all of us. He placed us in his lap and gave us nectar to drink. That nectar did not make us fat but rather strong!


In fact, it is the power of love that does the work. The power of love helps the body work. We are the benefactors of the world. Through me others should have the feeling that this is ‘my Baba’. It is through experience that you become an image and weaknesses can be finished.


Now don’t allow your heart to be fragile. If you allow yourself to be even a little hurt then ‘om shanti’ will not emerge from within you. Be careful, don’t allow yourself to make a mistake or you will have to suffer. The five vices are closely connected; if you affected by one vice you will be affected by all. Keep yourself clean and true. Now finish off all your defects and weaknesses – don’t say ‘how’, say ‘now’.


Om Shanti

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