Dadi Janki – 25/10/2012

The time of the confluence is finishing…                                                                         


Whatever Baba wants for us is also what we want for ourselves. Through the sakar and avyakt form He has told us everything. Now He is keeping silent. He may be taking our test! Whatever directions He gives, we should definitely take benefit from. Whatever else has slipped into the intellect and doesn’t allow us to create our fortune has to be removed through the powerful inculcation of knowledge in the intellect. There should now not be remembrance of any bodily being. In the early days we made deep effort to remember Baba and to become completely internally clean. Now, very few make such intense effort.


Through the third eye we can see ourselves and also see Baba. We look at Him and He looks at us. Our physical eyes have changed; nothing physical is visible to us anymore. How do we see each other now? We are all souls and we belong to Baba; I am a soul and you are a soul. Once this practice becomes natural we can remember Baba. I the soul am immortal and the Supreme Soul is immortal. We have to imbibe this knowledge in the intellect and use it in life. The soul can then have good yoga and service of the whole world takes place. Service of the world has taken place through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. When yoga, knowledge and dharna are good then a soul does service automatically. If any other thing or person comes in the intellect then the intellect starts wandering. Then there isn’t the power of concentration and there is no benefit. If this happens, be strict with yourself. Dadi has made such efforts. Don’t allow yourself to be loose or careless. The time of the Confluence is about to be over. The health of Dadi Gulzar has been instrumental to finish our carelessness. Carelessness is very, very harmful. We need to realise this. 


Realisation is very important. We must realise things deep inside. By realisation and experience our eyes open up. Revise what you have realised. Don’t repeat anything unnecessary. If you repeat old things you cannot be called a good actor. A good actor rehearses his part so that he can play it accurately as it emerges. Anything can happen at any time. It will happen suddenly. However, don’t worry, be happy! I say to myself; Janki, don’t worry be happy!


Destruction is standing just ahead. Before destruction I have to become an angel and for that I have to stay in the angelic stage. The Supreme Soul is my Baba. However, you only get the full inheritance by being obedient, faithful and loyal. If you want to create your full fortune then follow the mother and father. Don’t get caught up in any spicy and saucy stories. Effort is very easy; all I have to do is to be truthful and honest. There is love in being truthful. Draw love from Baba and create an atmosphere of love. Don’t be dry! Draw Baba’s love and allow others to experience it! Everything should be visible from your face…


There is a spiritual law; when we talk of the self, the right hand’s index finger points to the self. When I spin the cycle I should have the feeling that my part is for the whole cycle. He has told us that our bodies are instrumentally ours but to forget the name, form and place of the body in this life. Our home is Paramdham and our time is for all time. Our role in this play is now over. We were worshippers, became worship worthy and are now sitting below the tree, at the roots, in order to become worship worthy such as Laxmi and Narayan are, again. It is truth that is making the soul into Narayan.


Om Shanti

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