Dadi Janki – 24/10/2012

These are the moments to become complete


Baba has given us teachings, understandings and cautions. The teachings we have received are very clear. He has explained very well and enabled us to understand. He spoke in the sakar form and has also spoken in the avyakt form. Baba did not speak on the 18thOctober but everyone had a good experience and did not feel that anything was missing. No-one fluctuated or thought ‘what was happening’. There is a deep secret in this scene.


When I met Dadi Gulzar the day before yesterday I felt that I was meeting her along with all of you. I asked Dadi if there was anything she wanted to say. She went deep into silence and then she said, ‘These are the moments to become complete. No-one should have any weakness, insufficiency or defect within’.


Whatever you have received from Baba is an unlimited treasure. Once the intellect goes beyond limits then it goes into the unlimited. So continue to distribute and thus increase your treasure. As much as you give the huge treasure you have received, that much it will increase. Once Baba told us that one who is a bestower here becomes a deity there. A deity does not want or ask for anything.


It is time to spread ones wings and fly… and then to serve in an unlimited way. Some get held up and some hold up others. These are the biggest mistakes. We are in the rising stage and when we are in the rising stage there is benefit for everyone. Note this in your intellect. It can be seen practically.


Today is Dushera, the victory of the 10th day. There are the five vices and there are also the hidden vices such as making excuses, doubting people, being jealous etc. which are deep in the soul and do a lot of negative work. When you are under their influence you have to be careful not to be affected by them.


When someone is cremated in India they make sure that nothing remains. Everything turns to dust. If any bones remain they throw it in the Ganges. So each of us need to look inside and see if anything is remaining. Have I completely destroyed that Ravan of the vices? Go into silence in a second. Each one of us has to do this work of seeing the self. You have to go really deep. If there is any trace of vice of vice in your nature in sanskaras then finish it. If anything is remaining it can be destroyed through volcanic yoga.


Sakar Baba went totally beyond the body; both beyond his own body and beyond all bodily relations. He remembered only Shiv Baba. Though Shiv Baba was in the body of Brahma yet Brahma Baba’s practice was to go beyond – to take love and power from the Almighty. Brahma Baba created a wonderful memorial through his renunciation, tapasya and service. That memorial is in Dadi’s heart. Pandav Bhavan is in my heart. Open up yourvheart and see what is there… Wherever your heart is connected, those things are merged in the heart and they do their work.


Before Diamond Hall, Baba came in Om Shanti Bhavan. Before Om Shanti Bhavan, He came in the Meditation Hall. Those were such sweet meetings with Avyakt BapDada! Baba has drawn our attention… We have received knowledge and now our attention should not be drawn anywhere else. There should be complete attention on the knowledge. As soon as you feel tension then put an ‘a’ and pay attention. The tension will then disappear.


Look within; am I complete in purity, peace, love, happiness and power? From your faces Dadi is not sure! Diwali is coming! Light each other’s lights and let the Ganges of Knowledge flow! As is your attitude so is your drishti. Remember, when the child makes one step of courage, the Father gives a thousand times help. Other people are then influenced positively by that. If one of us remembers One Baba then 100,000 people can receive help. Om Shanti

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