Dadi Janki – 23/11/2012

We use the inheritance we have claimed to earn an income


We need to stay in full awareness of the inheritance we are now receiving from our Spiritual Father. Some receive that income and then lose it. Others know how to claim their inheritance and then use that to earn more income. They also  save their income. Such souls feel very happy. They realise what type of inheritance they are receiving. Part of that inheritance is liberation and liberation in life.


Baba has given us the inheritance of being liberated in life. Why then should I remain stuck in bondages? Baba has shown each one of us how to free ourselves from all types of bondages. Do you have any bondage now? Fill yourself now with all attainments and you will feel how attractive it is to live a simple life; to wear white clothes and to have empty pockets. We really don’t need all the trappings that society teaches people they need. There is a huge income to be earned here. Some realise how much income there is to be earned and thus they make day and night one in order to earn that income.


If you want to make your nature naturally happy then listen to knowledge, revise it, repeat it, extend it… make it your own. You will then feel that happiness is bubbling inside you…  Again and again Baba gives us signals. He tells us that the Golden Aged Kingdom is coming.  What do I have to do now then? I have to clear all past accounts and create my own fortune for the future. I have to prepare fully to go back home. It is Baba who has taught me how to do all these things. It is time to go back home and so I have to wind up everything.


Today Dadi Gulzar spoke to me. She said anything can happen suddenly and we have to be totally ready… We don’t know what will happen or when it will happen. It is time to withdraw and wind everything up. I have to make everything good now. To do this accurately, it is essential to remember my Incorporeal Father. I have to make my own list, from what Baba has said, of what  efforts to make.


I have to do whatever service comes in front of me with the awareness that the ‘doer’ is the Incorporeal Father. See the whole world – look at what types of service are being done. In fact, it is He who is getting everything done.


Previously we were searching for God. We wanted to attain something, we wanted to receive something and now we have received it. We wanted to know who God was, we wanted to get to know Him and now we have… What else is there left to receive? The heart wishes to go beyond sound and to be with Him. To go beyond sound means to become Baba’s sweet child. That means to do everything Baba says. God is teaching me how to make my life wonderful and when I make my life wonderful, I can show others how to make their lives wonderful. God is teaching me how to live, how to live happily. The basis of this is one Baba and none other. Having found Baba I have found everything. Do you feel this? Think about it deeply.


We have received divine knowledge and that reveals to us how to bring virtues into our lives.  To bring virtues into one’s life requires power. One who is weak will not be able to bring virtue into their life. One who is weak will look at the weaknesses of others. Whilst looking at the weaknesses of others, those weaknesses come into themselves and become an infection. They become infected. One who has an infection needs to go to the doctor.  So, become merciful to your own self. Stop all types of dislike and jealousy. Do not allow yourself to keep these weaknesses with you. Keep attention on yourself and you will feel it is easy to free yourself of these things. Pay attention to yourself and you will feel that you are accumulating all attainments. But if you allow your intellect to go into other things then you will feel that you are moving into loss. The dripping of gyan into the intellect will stop. When knowledge keeps ‘dripping’ into you then you will feel clean and clear. You will feel that your heart is clean. First is cleanliness and then is honesty. When a soul is clean within and without, God is pleased with that one. If your heart is clean and clear then you will feel that you don’t have to make much effort; everything will seem easy and natural.


Om Shanti

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