Dadi Janki – 21/12/2012

What is peace?


In order to make us unshakeable and immovable Baba has given us very good teachings which have enabled us to understand many deep aspects. Baba has told us that this the extreme end of the cycle and then there will be the beginning of the Golden Age. One should keep the knowledge of the cycle in one’s intellect very accurately. This is the confluence of the end and the beginning. There is only total peace in the land of peace. Where we are now is the karma field. For half a cycle we experience only happiness… for half a cycle sorrow is present in the world. We now sit in peace to establish a world of peace. Sitting together in the gathering, we create pure, positive and powerful thoughts. Here, all our sanskaras meet together and we co-operate. We emerge peace and power and we can then work together in unity. Keep this in your mind; this is the time for all our sanskaras to meetCheck whether you are doing this work on yourself; are my sanskaras meeting with all others’ sanskaras? We need to finish all consciousness of ‘yours and mine’…


The relationship of friendship with Baba brings one very close to Him. It is a beautiful relationship. When there is just One in someone’s mind they will definitely experience peace and power. At the Confluence we connect our yoga of our intellect with the Living Seed. The One who is up above. What is peace actually? Do you really think about this during the day? It is now the end of the Iron Age – corruption and terrorism will finish. Baba is filling us with all the qualities that we will carry to the Golden Age. These qualities are vibrating outwards from Baba’s children throughout the world. Through the power of yoga, the atmosphere becomes filled with the power of peace. It is time to finish all types of negativity. If you still have waste in your mind then you cannot have peaceful and powerful thoughts at the same time. There is great leakage of energy through waste. Look at yourself internally: are you filling yourself or are you letting your own waste finish all what God is giving you? It is only by you creating powerful thoughts that you can put a stop to leakage. Baba is trying to clean the soul and make it pure. I have to co-operate with Him in this work. To be peaceful doesn’t mean to be empty… nil… It means to fill the self with goodness. When you have One in your mind, there is peace and power and waste finishes.


Of course, it is not enough to only know this. I have to bring these things practically into my life. What has God been doing for the past 75 years? We have the fortune to play a part with Him! Brahma Baba was the lucky chariot. If you really have One Baba and none other you will experience that you are multi-million times fortunate. Now put a full-stop to all that has happened in the past. Keep remembering Zero (the Father) – adding zero after zero and you will continue to add to your huge fortune…


Baba does not tell us what is going to happen in the future. Even if there were to be a huge earthquake tomorrow Baba would not tell us. He has already told is that everything is going to happen suddenly and that we have to be ever-ready. He has told us to become detached observers. As Dadi Gulzar says: Be a detached observer and make God your companion. You then have a guarantee that whatever happens to you will be good. The old age is finishing… the new age is coming… This has to happen and it will happen automatically. We will go back with Baba… To go back without any punishment I have to have had the long term practice of making my intellect pure and positive with the power of peace and truthfulness.


Brahma Baba did this work on himself whilst being on the field of karma. We have to follow him… Are you looking at Shiv Baba and following Brahma or are you seeing brothers and sisters? If you look at Shiv Baba you will automatically experience peace. Baba says, “My Child” and the child says, “My Baba”.  Do this intense tapasya and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Your body will be here… and your mind will be ‘Manmanabhav”…


Om Shanti


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