Dadi Janki – 21/10/2012

I have to become 16 celestial degrees complete


Today is 3rd Sunday. In 1978 Baba began the programme of World Meditation Hour to spread peace into the world. This programme was created for the world but we also benefit a great deal through it. We have to become the living proof of the praise of God. He is merciful and forgiving. He is loving and filled with truth. From where could we attain these qualities except for from God?  We must have committed sins throughout the cycle but God tells us to speak the truth and He will forgive us. Our mistakes will be finished.


Even if you don’t make any other effort, have the determination that no mistake should be made through me. Baba has clarified to us what mistakes are. Once in night class Baba asked if anyone had made a mistake that day. We all became quiet. Then Baba said, ‘How many times did you forget Baba’? We had all made that mistake. We do have to pay attention to remembering Baba. He has created a beautiful game to help us stay in remembrance. He has created Pandav Bhavan, Gyan Sarovar and Shantivan. He has created so many centres throught the world. He did everything and then hid Himself away. Such a huge and extraordinary game He has created!


On the path of bhakti we used to praise God although we didn’t know Him. Through that we used to experience peace. We used to remember so many different souls but now we all love and remember the One.


In the early days we didn’t wear watches or have clocks. We used to study without thinking of the time. There were no chairs or sofas. It was sometimes very cold but through the love of God we forgot everything. We emerged the love of Baba, we merged ourselves in that love and had beautiful experiences. We have no desire to read newspapers. We just kept on and on looking at Baba.


Even now we can chit chat with Baba. I can talk to Him and He can talk to me! We suddenly won the lottery of having a direct relationship with God. If anyone wins the lottery they are amazed. However, very few know how to use the fortune they have been given. It is the same here. There is very little time remaining for us to become complete. First we have to become complete with all virtues and we can then become 16 celestial complete – perfect.

Sit and think about this. Talk to your companions about it. You have time for this. What type of effort do I have to make to become 16 celestial degrees complete? Make effort from your heart and you will become this.


My Baba is such that He can completely uplift anyone – any type of soul. We have examples of this. Some were not accepted or loved by anyone in their lives but Baba accepted them. Baba loved such souls and through that love they became virtuous. Baba – the ocean of love…  Some spoke to Baba honestly of their sins and Baba’s face showed his feelings… He then hugged them. God will forgive my sins but I have to realize what my sins are. When I realize them, He will finish them off and then give me the power to perform elevated actions.


Do you understand what the qualities of the Supreme Soul are? I have to imbibe Godly virtues, not deity virtues. I am a child of God. He has come to me. He didn’t look at me to see how I was before He came to me. No, He just accepted me.  If all the qualities of God were to come into me then how would I become?

It is time to create your fortune so pay attention to all these aspects.


Om Shanti

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