Dadi Janki – 21/10/2012

                  Meeting  with the IT Group                                                                            

You are all ready to become the ones with all virtues. During the whole day you use your intellect in IT and this time with Dadi is to relax. Mohini Bhen feels that there should be a method to reveal Baba through IT. At the Confluence Age to make your stage elevated is like being in the kingdom. Service should be such that whatever is in front of you is good. My stage in service should be such  that others receive inspiration from me. My happiness should not be reduced due to service and there should not be any tiredness. Why not? There is income in service. There should be a balance of yoga and service. When doing service, one should remain in yoga. 

We are not disheartened by Dadi Gulzar’s health but our eyes have opened to do something new. Baba sees that the children have received a lot of treasure. Open your ears and make whatever you have heard visible on your face. In Madhuban when there is a retreat it is good when everyone comes together – there is a family feeling. What was your feeling on the 18/10/12?

 Q. What effort should we make to come closer to the rosary?

It is easy to come into the rosary. The beads of the rosary are round and have a face is shown on them (eyes and a mouth/smile). The memorial of this is our drishti and smile – these are remembered. Drishti has a connection with attitude which has a connection to awareness. Let you intellect always remain good. You do not have to compete but in an incognito way you have to make effort for purity, truth, patience, humility and sweetness. Purity leads to truth which leads to patience which leads to humility, and then there can be maturity. Anyone can come into the rosary. It is the wonder of Baba. Whoever does service can come into the rosary, the effort is internal. Apply a full stop and continue to move along. Remain above and look down below.

 Q. Is there a method to increase faith?

Baba shared three stages of faith – if there is faith in the intellect, then soul, Supreme Soul and Drama is understood. The essence of the whole knowledge is in the lesson of ‘who am I’. No-one should be able to pull me. Keep Baba’s hand on your forehead and you will experience coolness. The heart is happy and the head is cool and the nature is easy.

Q. Even though we have knowledge, why does the heart beat with fear?

There is a lack of confidence internally. Maintain the awareness that Baba is mine. When we do not have Baba’s love and faith then there is fear in the heart. Always stay in intoxication that however I am, I am yours Baba, and Baba will accept you and you will change. Baba is the one who is making as into a murti (idol). So I have to remain still to be sculpted by His hands. In the confluence Age, no service should be missed out. Victory and success and methods – your thoughts should manifest these with faith and there will be victory. In honesty there is success.

Om Shanti

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