Dadi Janki – 20/11/2012

The benefits of silence (with IPIP retreat guests)


When one finds something one had lost there is a great deal of happiness. There is the feeling; I must not lose this again. This is how we feel about attaining the method to find peace. Previously, because of all the situations in the world, we felt it was impossible to find peace. Now we know the method and are able to remain in the world, yet at peace. Internally I can now keep my mind peaceful and pure and I know how to perform elevated actions. There is no need for me to worry any more. I am the child of God and peace is now mine… Previously Brahma Baba too was searching for God. Although he read the scriptures he still wanted to know how to connect to God. He started going deep inside himself and he felt peace… He heard a voice saying, “You are my child and I am your Father”. He had visions of destruction… of how this world would change. He received inspirations of what he had to do next. He handed over his business. He had a family… He began to tell them they all were the children of God. Then Shiv Baba took the medium of Brahma and began to share: Make your mind peaceful and pure, make your actions elevated…


One method to create your fortune is through renunciation. So give up ego, greed, anger, lust and attachment. For this I need to take power from God. I need to become bodiless, a point, and to connect to God. I have to become light… no burden, no worry and also light… sparkling through the inculcation of knowledge. If you think too much you will become heavy. Become light and you will receive might. Everything will then become right!


I am not a slave of my senses. I am a master firstly of the mind and then of my senses. The mind has the habit of sticking to people, of being influenced by people, of being attracted. Now the intellect has received knowledge. I am Baba’s child. It is my birthright to hold myself under great control. My task is now to take from Him and to give. This is how He teaches us to create our fortunes. Just keep courage, remain in silence and God will help. Never have the question of how to do something. Keep courage and Baba will help. His help teaches us how to do everything. However, there has to be that One and none other.


To live in Baba’s world and yet still to ask for things from outside is to be like a queen who has the habit of begging. There are three things we now need to leave: firstly, thinking something is nice and wanting it. Second, is to say I don’t want much of that but I should have a little. Be aware; there is no end to desire. If you work with a true heart, you will receive everything. The third is to think that others should change; this one should do this, that one shouldn’t do that… Stay in silence and make yourself free of these things. If you still have these things inside it is because your intellect is extroverted. If your intellect is introverted then you will be always happy. Turn your vision inwards; Look inside yourself; what should I be thinking, what should I see, what should I listen to, what should I speak? Each one is a beautiful child of the Supreme. I can only now listen to the elevated versions that God has spoken to me.


There are three types of silence: one is to go deep, to concentrate the intellect, to make the self stable and firm. You can then go up to Baba. There won’t then be mischievousness of the mind. There will be great royalty.  We are only in this body to do God’s service, we have empty pockets, white clothes… like angels. Angels are so light that they can fly around on service. Angels are full of patience. The second type of silence is very sweet – it is  that silence in which you pack up everything, accommodate everything and to become quiet… the soul becomes still. The third type of silence is dead silence – the type of silence that is experienced when someone dies. This silence occurs when one becomes dead to the body… when one moves totally into soul consciousness; I am just a point of light, the embodiment of peace and love. When one dies to their own body, their loving face emerges. As I stay in Baba’s remembrance, I become empowered with His strength. Dadi has experienced this over a long period of time: silence, sweet silence and dead silence. It is through this silence that the soul becomes the embodiment of truth and love. Om Shanti

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