Dadi Janki – 19/12/2012

Create peaceful thoughts whilst doing your work


We say that there are twelve virtues and eight powers. Once Dadi was travelling and she churned on the virtues and wrote a list of 64 virtues. Baba was very happy when he saw that list. He told Dadi to condense the list to 36 virtues as there is praise of 36 virtues. That list is now outside the History Hall and Baba used to be very happy on looking at that list.


The Million Minutes for Peace project was very useful for everyone. Not only did people who had previously had no contact with us benefit but we Brahmins also benefited. People are unable to remain peaceful for even a second. We have found how to have peace. Now we should distribute what we have found – the method to find peace – in the whole world. Of course, the second project after Million Minutes for Peace was Global Co-operation for a Better World. Co-operation is essential in creating a better world. The hospital was built due to everyone’s co-operation. Service increased a lot thanks to this project. Big projects such as the hospital, museums and large centres, have been successful thanks to everyone’s co-operation. Buildings may have been built in one country but it is thanks to the co-operation of the family throughout the world that they have been built.


There was then the project of Living Values. Twelve virtues and eight powers… Churn on these good things every day and extract something useful for your life. You will get so much benefit… This is the time of settling accounts. It doesn’t matter how long you have been Baba’s but you still have to settle your accounts. Be a patient who has a lot of patience. To see the doctor is also form of service but only if you manage your sickness well. Don’t let your face become pale when you get sick! Remain cheerful and you will get better quicker. You will also serve everyone who comes into contact with you at that time. Don’t think about illness again and again.  Take the medicine Baba gives and you will experience only benefit. Even if one does have to shed this old body, it will then be shed whilst saying, “Baba, Baba”. You will be able to shed your body without any pain. Leave worry… Many have shed their bodies and many will have to shed their bodies. Even when Dadi tells Baba that she can now shed her body and go, Baba seems to say, “No….”.  We can’t just think of leaving the body like that. I need to check how much of a charitable soul I have become.  Baba says that even what someone does on the path of devotion is known to Him. So, don’t think that what you do is not known to Him. Baba knows everything… so be careful… Take care… Never waste your time and thoughts. See your own thoughts, your words, your actions… We cannot live without performing actions so I should make those actions good. As I sow, so shall I reap.


Learn to remain content. One who is an honest child of Baba and practices creating elevated thoughts bring benefit to themselves. Such a soul can remain content. One who is content has patience. Increase your tolerance now… don’t come into sound in small or big situations. If not, you will spoil your own mood and the modd of others. Keep silent and remain peaceful. Perform your work in peace. Create peaceful thoughts whilst doing your work. If I remain peaceful, Baba can get His work done. If I don’t remain peaceful then how can Baba get His work done through me? He will then have to get His work done through someone else. This is not an ordinary aspect… this is what Baba is practically telling us. If you keep your thoughts peaceful then Baba can take responsibility for getting the work done. There is no need to ask how it will happen. Baba is sitting there… Never think or say that you have done something.


Dadi Gulzar is an example in front of us. Look at Dadi Gulzar’s face and you see only Baba. Even when Baba is not there, you feel Baba from Dadi. Dadi has made her stage such…  In order to remain peaceful through tolerance one needs the power to adjust. Some people get agitated and uncomfortable when they stay in a new place, when they have to sleep in a new bed…


Just by bringing one virtue into your life, you will bring many others. Just as the vices are closely connected – have one and the others will follow quickly – in the same way, the virtues are also closely connected. If someone has greed, the other vices will soon come to him. I am God’s child – I am not ordinary. Each value has its own value… One point of Baba’s has great value… Baba is the Ocean yet one drop from Him makes a soul cool… makes a soul peaceful. One drop fromBaba brings courage… brings power… brings peace.


It is time to go back to the home. I will then come back again to the land of happiness but I definitely have to go home to the land of peace and silence first… It is the time to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Through the pilgrimage of remembrance the intellect remains in connection and relationship with the Father – the one Almighty Authority. The mind can then remain peaceful. In relationship I am the child of the Almighty Authority and through the connection I receive light and might. When my connection is right then whatever actions I perform will be right.


Om Shanti


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