Dadi Janki – 19/10/2012

Meeting UK, Europe and Middle East Group


Realise that transformation can happen very quickly.  It doesn’t have to take a long time.  The main thing is to learn the art of harmonising sanskars with everyone.  Everyone is good, they are all Baba’s children.


Little phrases that Baba speaks are often very useful.  For example Baba speaks about having a far-reaching and broad intellect. .One group asked Dadi how they could increase their experience.  Don’t  ask ‘how,’ rather say ‘this is how it can happen.’  For the last few days Baba has been speaking in the blessings about experimenting with yoga, and how important this is.  Practice going within and having an experience; then experiment with that experience.  From morning to night I am seeing that there are experiences to experiment with.  Experiment with having no thoughts, no ideas, no opinions.  Have yoga and then experiment. 


This whole aspect of harmonising with others is the practical fruit of godly love.  This means to stay in your spirituality and be full of God’s love.  Such souls become the ones who harmonise with everyone.  There are souls who have become like this – before they were so dry and moody that you wondered how they would ever change!  Their moods would change a lot!  You would have to check before speaking with them to see if they were in a good mood!  A long time ago Dadi used to ask herself if people would have to look at her mood before they were able to speak with her. (Dadi then practically demonstrated to us how our faces should look all the time – open, smiling and happy)!  Look how Baba’s face always is.  My attention should be such that my mood and face are always good.  It is the law of nature that children tend to look like their parents; my face should be like Baba’s. Once Dadi said to Dadi Gulzar that when temples are built there will be the non-living idols in there, but now Baba is making our living image inside us.


Dadi then taught us all a new exercise.  The exercise of  ‘I am Baba’s arms and I am in Baba’s arms.’  So, first you hold both arms out wide open at your sides, then you slowly bring them forwards and round to the front (hugging motion) and then you complete the exercise with your right arm coming up to form a strong fist (victory)!


Every day at amrit vela something touches Dadi.  It should be our discipline to wake up for amrit vela on time, to come to class on time, to do everything on time and at the right time.  Baba has made us belong to him and taught us the value of time.  It is the use of time in the right way that makes life valuable.  Have the awareness that whatever actions I do others will see and perform the same.  Baba has taught us this type of karma.  The expansion that has taken place worldwide has done so on the basis that whenever we perform actions, others will observe us and do the same.


If I have a weakness then it will cause damage and loss for me and will be of no benefit to others either.  When you discover or realise something good, keep thinking about it and repeating it over and over, all day, so that it becomes part of your practical form, it becomes a part of you.


Om Shanti

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