Dadi Janki – 18/11/2012

The Giver is teaching us to give…..


On third Sunday World Meditation Hour is held for 24 hours in different countries throughout the world. Baba has given us the fortune of doing service in many different ways.  Now, we were sitting in silence for world meditation and in a state of peace, keeping the vision of the whole world in front of us.   The Ocean of Peace, Baba has taught us to sit looking at the world in a state of peace.  I believe everyone has this thought within.



When we churn the Ocean of Knowledge in a very good way we cannot give excuses that we do not have time for yoga or to do service.  It is our fortune to do service for the Yagya.  We do not need to think or be concerned. Do service without thinking and have yoga without concerns interfering, and do this whilst being in relationship with everyone and then you will have a free mind.  Dadi is remembering stories of Brahma Baba and the early days of the Yagya as she sees the gathering in front of her.   Baba transforms people in such a way that He completely changes their state of mind.  The time of the beginning is going to return now and it is just about here.  There are quite a few who have been transformed suddenly.  Dadi is looking at the gathering and feeling that there are a few who would have had this experience.   (the souls from the rural development wing were present, and many are wonder struck at the size of the gathering and the service that is happening…many have been so inspired that they have started to do service and create their own fortune.)


If you wish to do service it is important to stay in self respect and self honour and give respect to others, just asDadi Prakashmani did.  Do not provoke anyone to get upset or angry. I have to become one who is an image of giving visions so that if anyone sees me they will have the question as to how I became like this.  If I want to be one who gives visions then there mustn’t be any deficiencies within. We have to become like Baba, Mama, Didi and Dadi.  Our lives should be of such quality that whilst doing service we become examples.  These examples are in front of our eyes at all times.  We have created a big photograph of all the faces of the ancestors together and Dadi keeps looking at this where she stays  – on one side Baba and the other side the ancestors, and seeing the qualities and virtues of each one.


Last Thursday we offered bhog for the anniversary of Dadi Manohar.  Manohar Dadi was very sweet and Dadi’s close friend.  Dadi spent time in Punjab with Dadi Manohar.  When service started in Delhi Dadi Janki, Dadi Manohar and Didi were together in service.  Dadi Janki would teach yoga and Dadi Manohar would teach knowledge.  The wonder of drama was that this switched round! We used to have exchanges with a lot of love.  Baba would send me to do service in a variety of ways. He would send me here and there.  In service there will be defamation and humiliation as well as victory….we have to go through these pairs of opposites.  We have to go through success and failure. It is not such a big thing, this is normal.  To be able to stay in a state of equanimity in the face of this it is good.  In service it is important to develop the attitude of tirelessness.  Also the attitude of mercy allows us to just keep on going and keep continuing to serve with faith in the intellect, free from concerns.   Be happy and make everyone else happy.


There is so much service going on.  (Jayantiben came to Madhuban for two days, took directions for service and then left).  There is always time to make effort.  Hold the stage of the detached observer and play your part and thus become a hero.  If you have a connection with the Zero you will be a hero.  A hero is a diamond as well as an actor.  Baba has given us the knowledge of the beginning, continuation and the end so that we cannot use the expression: ‘I don’t know what is going on, what to do’.  Make sure you never use the words: ‘I don’t understand what is going on’.  You are Baba’s child and so it must mean there is some kind of karmic account, or lack of faith or you don’t have the enthusiasm and zeal to do service.  Someone develops a good part because they have understood what to do.  Who am I? who do I belong to? and what must I do?  This is the best understanding of all.  Everyone remembers God at the time of sorrow not of happiness.  In this Confluence Age those who remember God at the time of  sorrow receive such happiness that they are able to become bestowers.


When we know we are to become deities  we become giver. ‘Giving’ is the very essence of being a deity.  We don’t ask for or demand anything.  There is no lack and we just give.  It is The Giver Himself who makes His children into givers.  The idea now is to collect people together and serve them with knowledge so that they are served spiritually.  Do service in such a way that you are detached and have lots of love for Baba. The honour of the yagya is increased through souls who become instruments and prepare others. It is always a good thing to come to class in time and fix your sit.  This is your honour and dignity.


We are all friends together.  Everyone has so many good things within them.  God is my Companion and I am the detached observer.  Baba says in the Murli to put a full stop. We are simply instruments for the task. When the work comes do it, and when it is finished put a full stop.  There will always be things that help us move forward.  It is changing all the time.  It is a mistake to think it is always the same.


Om Shanti

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