Dadi Janki – 18/10/2012

Stay in the awareness of being victorious


Greetings for the day of the Satguru! In the sakar and avyakt forms Baba has given us very elevated sustenance and study in order to make us like Himself. As is the Father, so should be the child. Baba has not only asked us to become like Him but He has told us to make others like ourselves. That means there should be no visible difference; each one is like the next one. At least there should be 108 like this – the beads of the rosary – the victorious jewels. In faith there is victory. Victory is the proof of faith. The thought of defeat can never enter the mind of one who has faith.


Today, in order to celebrate the avyakt meeting be very conscious of this – through faith there is victory. There should be no other thought, no other concern. Check yourself in this aspect. I am firm and stable because I am Baba’s child. It is not the honour of Baba’s child to fluctuate. Of course there will be challenges. Challenges will come to both those who are firm and those who are fluctuating. But I have to maintain faith.


In a practical way, Baba is sitting there. Have this faith. I am victorious – sit in this powerful awareness. When anything arises just see Baba not the situation and the challenge will go away. Things come and you may see, think about and talk about them. By that time the situation has probably changed.


Baba protects my mind, my body and my wealth. I am a trustee. Challenges will come in these aspects but I am a trustee. It is not selfish to not worry about others… With great attention I have to make sure that I remain pure and peaceful. This much work I have to do… This is the duty Baba has given me. I have to be truthful within. When you sit with Baba you become free of all concerns.


Remember; pure feelings are medicine. Good wishes for others bring blessings. The power of yoga allows us to see everyone as a detached observer – and that means everyone, whether Brahmins or not. Open up your heart. See whether you really have good wishes for everyone. Do you have negative thoughts about anyone? If not, then Baba would call you a knowledgeable soul. Baba loves such knowledgeable souls.


No-one knew that the work of establishment would get this big. We don’t know what Baba’s future plan is. Of course God has a plan and we are playing our parts with Him. To speak and behave in an ordinary way is not our honour. Brahma Baba was very simple and yet we could see also how elevated he was. Through Brahma Baba God became visible to us. Through Brahma He could get the work of establishment done. Do you remain in the awareness that your part is special? Do you keep this awareness internally?


You will get feedback from your service companions. Leave what has happened in the past but pay attention to the present. Take full benefit of the confluence age by leaving that which you know is not good. The knowledge of drama teaches us that nothing is new. The knowledge of drama that God has filled in the soul, takes us away from the consciousness of the body and makes us into trustees.


When the soul is internally true then it makes the right decisions and Baba can get His work done through that soul. Baba gives drishti to those who are obedient, trustworthy, faithful and honest. To one who follows all the rules Baba gives. Such a soul will become part of the rosary. One who remains in the awareness of being Baba’s child and does not keep anything else in his/her awareness can bring others into the awareness of being Baba’s child. Stay in silence and keep thinking of what sakar and avyakt BapDada have said; there is only benefit in this. This practice allows the soul to remain in spiritual awareness. Om Shanti


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