Dadi Janki – 18/09/2012

Don’t Say: “How”, Say: “Now”

There is so much difference between the words, “how” and “now”.  With “now” the path becomes clear and time is used in a worthwhile way, and in “how” time is wasted.  When we say now, faith and trust increase and we receive co-operation.  Always be ready and prepared.

Have we created an angelic stage in the world? Whilst still in the body, the soul should be beyond the awareness of the body, with Baba.  Have the understanding of who am I and who do I belong to, and of how I am playing my part on the world drama stage in this awareness.  Remember the home together with having remembrance of the Father. Service happens by itself.  We are going home.  It is difficult to say in words what we are doing here.  Everyone is doing Baba’s task.  The home is our lovely home and is the land of peace and we will reach there according to the time.  The task of establishment and destruction will also happen.  Baba is playing His part in the task of establishment and those who are to prepare for destruction are making their preparations.  Even if we were to tell people to disarm and not to make bombs, it would not stop.

There is no sakar murli in which Baba has not spoken about remembrance and the destruction of the vices.  So remember the Cycle and the Tree and ask yourself if you have really explained these two pictures well and thoroughly.  In the History Hall there are the big pictures of the Cycle and the Tree and the picture of the Tree is from sakar Baba days.  He had it made when he was present and he would tell us to go and sit in front of the picture of the Tree.   We didn’t have that custom of sitting together in yoga for amrit vela but at the beginning we used to rise at 4am and we would see Baba and Mama in yoga and Baba instilled the habit in us of sitting in front of the Cycle and the Tree and then when we went to our various centres we would have pictures of the Cycle and the Tree and we would sit in front of those pictures.

In the picture of the Tree Baba is sitting in tapasya at the bottom and at the top he is standing as an angel.  Baba has been around the entire Tree.  Baba’s children are sitting in the roots and so the foundation of the deity religion is very, very strong.  The kingdom is being established and we are sitting in tapasya.  We are Raja Yogis. We are Brahmins and so our food and drink, our thoughts and our interactions have all become pure – not ordinary.   The Brahmin way of life is one of action without bondage.  Previously we did very little but thought a lot and now there is much more activity and we think very little or not at all.

Dependency makes us weak in a subtle way.  Even for someone to give me a glass of water can be a dependency.  We should not be dependent on anyone. Baba sees that the child has courage and gives His co-operation at the right time.  Otherwise there will be some dependency.  When there is no dependency, time is saved and there is that faith and trust that whatever has to happen will happen and that it is not necessarily one particular person who can do this task – anyone can.

When possible, meditate in the gathering together. Sit quietly and meditate.  The relationship of the child and the Father and the Husband and wife is always there; there is this innate awareness so that you don’t have to remember these relationships again and again.  We know that we are Shiv Baba’s and that He is ours.  This awareness is so firm that even if you were to leave the body, this relationship is guaranteed. That One is imperishable and the happiness He gives is also imperishable. Happiness is on the basis of understanding.  He gives us His co-operation and makes us independent.

He is incorporeal and, when Baba was sakar, he was always in the bodiless stage – his incorporeal stage was visible and he taught us through his example.  We were with the physical Baba and he was teaching us how to keep a relationship with Shiv Baba and perform actions whilst maintaining the awareness of Shiv Baba.  Are you remembering Shiv Baba or your children or grandchildren?  Check this. In physical relationships, there is no attainment, there is a feeling of sorrow but the relationship we have with Shiv Baba is eternal.

While performing actions, wherever we are in the world, we are happy. It is not the happiness of having possessions, money and position.  Always maintain the awareness that you are a fortunate soul.  Remember this any time any situation arises. Recently Dadi Gulzar was sharing how without this intoxication we would not be able to stay here or there in the world.

Who are we all?  We sit here together and we had no understanding before.  Either we were attached somewhere or we were stumbling somewhere.  Now we free others from their stumbling.  Those who stumble should see us and be saved the way we were saved. Be the guide that shows others the right road.  A stumbling soul should move in the right direction or they would need to catch hold of the stick for the blind, that is, Baba and Baba’s children, and start to move in the right way.  A blind person would carry a white cane and if they didn’t, how would they manage? Due to the white cane they move along in the right way.  If they receive company to show them how to move ahead then they would say thank you to Baba.  Om shanti

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