Dadi Janki – 18/09/2012

Feeling Great… no matter what (Public Programme)


Feeling great is a wonderful feeling. If you’re not feeling good inside, you feel like you do when you’re getting flu. It’s very easy to catch flu from someone – it’s infectious. So let me look after my feelings, so that I’m not infected by anything. Let my heart and my head be completely free from any influence. My head is cool, my heart is happy and my nature is easy. That’s a very good feeling. If my heart isn’t happy and there’s some pressure inside me, imagine what my face will be like!


Some of you are perhaps studying at the University. I’ve never been to university myself; but the education I’m getting from the Brahma Kumaris University is very good. I still see myself as a student even now – not a teacher.  My job is to imbibe those teachings, bring those teachings into my practical life and inspire all of you.


There is a book ‘Feeling Great’ and another one called ‘Good Wishes & Pure Feelings’. Feeling not good is a very long and complicated affair. But for a few minutes I’d like to share my experience with you as to how to have good and pure feelings all the time. All my life I’ve never been involved in anything long or complicated. Not listening to anything, thinking about anything, seeing anything in that way and not speaking anything that is not useful. I’ve just paid attention to maintain good feelings.  My feeling now is that all of us are the children of the One Father and I’ve come to meet all my brothers and sisters. Generally speaking, when we meet one another, we ask: ‘How are you’ and get into questions around that. But when I meet my brothers and sisters, I simply say: ‘Om shanti’. No other action is required – just the exchange of feelings from the heart. The feeling is of sharing peace and love and joy with each other. When I came into this hall, before sitting down, I felt that I wanted to meet you all first of all with the eyes and share that feeling through the eyes.


Before, when I wasn’t aware of myself as a soul, there were always questions: inside: I don’t know myself, I don’t understand myself. But becoming aware of myself as a spiritual being and understanding my feelings, then the feeling inside was: ‘Yes, now I know everything about myself that I need to know’.  The young and the old are constantly saying: ‘I don’t know…’ and have a feeling all the time of not knowing. What kind of feeling is that?


Where are the feelings stored? In the heart. Where do we experience peaceful and loveful feelings? It’s inside the heart. Peaceful, loveful and blissful. When you have the knowledge of the self, it feels very good to remain peaceful. As you speak of being peaceful, you go into a state of peace and that’s when you experience love – and you feel the self to be loveful, powerful, successful. Then whatever work you do is successful, because you are doing it with peace and love.  You don’t ask ‘how’ or ‘why?’ you will do it. These two questions spark off conflict and confusion inside. Young or old, student or teacher – the feeling is the same when these questions arise. How, why, what, when…  You know the feeling when you are in the state of unknowing and have such questions in your mind. When there are questions in the mind, you can see it in the sign language of the hands. I enjoyed seeing the sister play the cello, creating such beautiful music – and beautiful feelings – through her hands.


My thoughts, my words and my actions should be filled with good feelings inside. Being a BK, I’ve always kept good feelings inside myself and good wishes for everyone that everyone should always have good feelings. This evening you will have such a lovely experience being in this gathering that you won’t forget it. I have always had very good feelings inside for herself and for everyone else. Recently I spent six months checking my feelings to see that there is no other feeling inside. I can honestly say that I’m honoured to have passed in the subject of having only pure feelings for the self and for others.


We talk a lot about humanity. It’s necessary for humanity – human beings – to have humility. How wonderful life would be if humanity had humility inside. And then consider what life would be like if there were no humility.  When there is humility, there is maturity and sweetness too (the words rhyme in Hindi). We go deep inside the self and check our feelings and we discover there truth and honesty and, within that, humility. Inside the feeling is of being very safe and secure and clean and pure – this is our safety. There’s no fear, no worries, no sorrow. I’m sure you will have experienced some kind of worry or sorrow at some point in your lives. We all can imagine what it feels like.  I can see all your faces.  This evening realise why you experience sorrow. Once you do, you’ll see that there’s no reason to experience sorrow. It’s because we have a sensitive or delicate nature that we do so – or in a subtle way there some jealousy or envy of others.


In reality there is no reason for us to experience any sorrow. That’s why we say: learn meditation in order to become free from sorrow. Learn how to listen to God and put into practice what God is telling us to do. When you do something good, many will criticise you or talk about you behind your back and few will praise you but you have to make sure that your pure feelings are not influenced by anything. Human beings have the intellect and the wisdom to understand and distinguish between true and false, sin and charity, right and wrong, good and bad. So, let each one of us ask ourselves: what do I have to do now? Focus on the self.  I just want to be honest and truthful and not do anything wrong. People sometimes give excuses but I don’t want to do anything wrong.  If someone else is doing wrong, even if they are telling a lie, it’s wrong of me to point it out.


I need to understand three things: 1) who am I? 2) who do I belong to and 3) what do I need to do now? Go into the depth of these questions. I don’t allow myself to get involved in any thoughts about what other people are doing.  The knowledge of these three things keeps my intellect, my conscience, very clean and pure. In order to do the right thing at the right time, I need three things: courage, faith and honesty. They give me very good feelings. No matter what, I mustn’t tell any lies; I mustn’t try to prove myself. Then my feelings will be pure. Whatever thoughts and feelings I have create the atmosphere around me. So let there be honesty and love in my feelings, then, no matter what the circumstances are, I’ll be successful in what I’m doing.


I’m not so educated – I’m not a writer or a speaker – so what am I? Just an embodiment of truth and love. The feeling of honesty and love within the self brings humility. Humility doesn’t mean bowing down to anyone; it’s just having a very pure feeling. Listening to and experiencing honesty, love, courage and faith will make you free of those questions of why, what and how?  ‘Don’t worry – no problem!’  Constantly remain happy and share that happiness with everyone else.  You are able to stay happy when you don’t engage in worry, sorrow and fear. Free yourself from these. We study these teachings but we also have put them into practice in our lives – and give that experience to others.


I’ve never lied. Those who are weak tell lies. I’ve never stolen a penny from anyone. People laugh at me for not carrying a handbag. I don’t need to carry money; I don’t need to follow any fashion for which I would need money. I’m free.  I do eat food and what I eat is simple food.  Having pure feelings means that I don’t need to go shopping for things to keep me happy.  To keep good feelings I mustn’t tell lies, steal, cheat and or defame anyone else. To criticise others means there are very bad feelings for the self inside. So let me maintain pure and peaceful feelings for myself and everyone else.  To defame anyone or listen to anyone else defaming another is a great sin. It becomes a habit that stops us from doing what is good and right and we end up wasting our time gossiping and criticising others. That doesn’t allow us to have pure feelings.


Day and night I maintain pure feelings for myself and I never allow myself to think: what’s going to happen?  A variety of scenes will come in front of me but I make sure that my feelings don’t change because I am the master of my own self.  So what if others are defaming me? If I don’t accept it, I won’t get affected by it. I still consider those who defame me to be my friends. My feelings are not affected; the stay pure. This is the deep effort we have to make within ourselves. When you think about knowing the self and who you belong to, the feeling inside is very pure – knowing that God is my Mother, my Father, my Friend, my Guide – and you want to keep that feeling.


People in the world are feeling either lonely or empty.  I’m not alone; I am with That One. Combined with Him, we are living as one. Two fingers make ‘V’ for victory. Then the third one is there, the ‘W’ of three fingers is not for ‘why’ but for wisdom.  Then, when the soul, the Supreme Soul and knowledge are all together, you become first class! When I am together with the One above, there’s determination and we can achieve a lot – and that’s what life is all about.  Stay light and draw might from the Supreme, then you’ll be able to be a lighthouse and show the path to everyone. Let go and let’s go!


Om shanti.



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