Dadi Janki – 18/09/2012

The significance of service


  • In Baba’s houses the atmosphere is very powerful. How long does it make to take a powerful atmosphere in a particular place. What do you need to do to make that. Is one person needed or many?
  • When people win an ordinary lottery, they never forget it. Why do we forget?
  • Has Dadi more to say about Dadi’s message to the world – the three things she would say?
  • People seem to be able to take less knowledge but need an experience. How to serve essencefully to give that experience. Do I just have to work on myself?
  • If we are to serve we are to keep the mind free and the heart clean. Is that not the method for fast effort?
  • I want to return home now. How can I do that?


We can only return home after becoming karmateet. We can’t become karmateet by being on our own; we have to be with the family. Some who haven’t been so long in gyan have created a very good stage for themselves. When people win a lottery they realise the value of it and their fortune to have won it. Some lottery winners get confused, wondering how they’re going to look after it all. In every murli Baba gives a little knowledge then tells us we have to imbibe that.

There’s a difference between remembrance and yoga. Baba’s says: Stay in remembrance. He says you are lacking in yoga – he doesn’t say you are lacking in remembrance. Yoga means: connection, relation, communication. You become light with Baba and receive His might. Baba’s might helps me with all four subjects. If I study well, Baba is happy with me. To have accurate yoga means to have love for the Father, love for the study and love for the family. Service is when someone benefits from our company and experiences truth.  Many have love for God but we are no longer searching for God, because we have a relationship with Him. We are His children, part of His family now.

What I have received from Baba all these years, I give to others. That’s really what service is. No laziness, no carelessness, no excuses. I could easily say, ‘I’m old now and I’d like to rest; I’m coughing a lot and that stops me sleeping at night… But I can’t not do service. Baba has given us such sustenance, such teachings and so many attainments. I’ve never thought, ‘How will I be fed tomorrow?’ My lokik relatives wondered how I’d manage when I became a BK. I was happy to prepare food, clean, whatever, I just knew I did not want a lokik life. Whatever I eat I count, because I know I have to serve according to how much I eat. Some don’t know the importance of service. How do we spend our time? If there were accurate yoga, you would be touched and service would be waiting in front of you. Keep connected with people in order to serve them. Serve your neighbours – give them mangoes, give them love, give them knowledge. Go to the park for a walk and there’ll be someone to serve there.

Yoga is essential, knowledge is essential and dharna is essential too – if my dharna is good, I won’t make any mistakes, I won’t get angry or upset. Service isn’t just sharing knowledge; sometimes it’s just giving people the benefit of your company. I can’t create an atmosphere sitting on my own – walls have ears, they hear and absorb everything so a gathering such as this is very good. Knowledge means to have yoga. Your dharna is the practical of proof of knowledge and yoga – preparing and eating food in remembrance, for example. How can you do service, if you just cook something and eat it?  When friends and relatives visit you, they give you so much love, because of how you look after them. When I travel, air hostesses come and sit beside me out of love. I may not be able to speak English but I teach them ‘Om shanti’ and how to smile with love. People in the world don’t know how to smile and laugh.  Baba says: Whatever your health is like, there’s no reason to stop smiling. Baba gives us the gift of a lift. We do our work here and then go up above. If you don’t speak or listen to others too much, you’ll find you have lots of time. When I pay attention to knowledge, yoga and dharna, service is automatically there in front of me. When your intellect isn’t planning service, something is wrong.

The soul came alone and it has to remember Baba alone but in service you cannot stay alone. You need to have someone to whom you can buzz the knowledge. The buzzing moth buzzes the knowledge and makes others like itself. You can only colour people, when you give them your company.  We win such a huge lottery at the confluence age. We’ve received so much knowledge, which increases when we share it with others. If I don’t share, it won’t increase.  Baba asked me once: Are you having breakfast without having shared knowledge? Service is to stay in good company and give your company to others. Have the intoxication of what company you are with!

The first Om shanti is – I, the soul, am a being of peace. So you can’t experience peacelessness, no matter what happens. Then you say Baba and there’s the feeling of love. Without that love we are very dry. Baba gives us so much out of love – purity, peace, love. Where there’s benefit, there’s automatically love. Baba says: Have patience. Drama is teaching us patience. Drama says: Everything is fine and will be fine. Baba is in charge; I don’t need to do anything.   Om shanti.

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