Dadi Janki – 17/10/2012

Say ‘Baba’ and you will experience safety and security           


Is there anything remembered other than Baba? We do have the feeling that Baba is going to come tomorrow. We remember the attainment of meeting Baba and it is this that is pulling everyone to Madhuban. The Double Foreigners get the first chance.  There needs to be the total feeling now to remain in the avyakt stage. When sakar Baba became avyakt we didn’t miss anything, although things had changed. Baba had told us ‘Baba is with you’. The sakar had become avyakt but was still with us. He is still with us now. The proof that He is still with us lies in that fact that all of you are here. As He gives, so we take.


Whatever Dadi has experienced, it is possible for you to experience. When we say ‘Baba’ there is a feeling of safety and security from Baba. It is not just for this birth, but for 21 births. The power we receive from Baba now makes us the conquerors of maya and all types of negativity.


Once we become Baba’s we know what both God and maya are. Maya will not allow you to become close to the Supreme Being. Maya will interfere in your coming close to the Supreme. If anyone becomes the child of God then maya become jealous of them. The Ramayana is all about this. Although they have attained Baba, some still experience jealousy. They don’t realise that having attained Baba, they have attained everything. The first thing we attained from Baba is purity. With purity came peace. Only when we got purity could we get peace. Purity, then peace, then love, happiness and power. They are all connected. Along with peace, God also gives love.  Sometimes He gives peace and then love comes. Sometimes He gives peace and then love comes. But purity is always first. However, you need to practice remaining in the awareness of being a pure soul.


When the soul kept taking rebirth it lost its truth. On becoming Baba’s we regained our truth. When there is truth inside then it is difficult to remain without being humble. When life is filled with truth and humility, the soul becomes sweet. When there is humility and truth there is love with one another.  It is the power of love received from Baba that Dadi  is able to operate with everyone on the basis of love and truth. It is spiritual Godly love. It is this type of love that makes the soul complete. And it is time to become complete NOW. Who has seen tomorrow?


Those who have come here for the first time have come on the basis of love and recognition. Baba has shown us how to live in the unlimited. Baba has shown us that our original home is Paramdham. We are only guests here. I am not now in the iron age – I am sitting at the confluence. It is time to fly back to Paramdham and for that I need purity, peace and love. It is these that enable us to stop performing negative actions. Check; have I filled myself with the presence of the Supreme to such an extent that I am able to finish the negative karmas of the past and am able to now perform charitable actions.


When there is faith in the intellect the soul becomes firm and unshakable. If you have done anything wrong then take forgiveness from Baba. To point out the mistakes of others is also a sin. Forgive and forget…  You have to forgive the self and forgive others. God is the Bestower of Happiness and the Ocean of Mercy… who am I then to point out the mistakes of others? Remember, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Fix your eyes on Baba and go beyond sound. To think about others and look at them is a huge mistake. We have been doing this for many births. To keep doing this after hearing knowledge is a huge mistake. Everyone has their karmic accounts and I don’t have to look at anyone else.


Remember; good feelings are the medicine for the body and mind. One who has good feelings for others receives blessings. Pay attention to this over the next few days… good feelings for the self and for others. A yogi wants to be like the Father and for that you need good feelings for others. We remember Baba and we connect. The light then goes on the soul receives power. The relationships then sustain and further that connection. Baba will pay attention to one who studies well. I have to live in a very clean, civilised and truthful way. Being clean and civilised pulls truthfulness to the soul. The soul then experiences a great deal of love from Baba.


Om Shanti


en you sit in remembrance you become the form, when you sit in class then become the shower and fill your aprons with jewels.


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