Dadi Janki – 17/09/2012

Baba’s drishti gives us love and Baba’s words melt us

Someone asked Dadi:  What is the difference – you heard the Murli and now you’re having class? The system of class was started by Didi before Baba became Avaykt. We should listen to and revise the Murli; revise it inside and to repeat it through your lips and then to check the self and see whether you have done what Baba has asked. God is the form of the seed and is extremely subtle; we have to go into the depths and experience how subtle He is. We know that a tree emerges from the seed, which is so tiny, but the tree is huge. Go into the depths of this. When you go into the subtlety of this, you will also become subtle. When you go into the aspect of subtlety, all body consciousness is removed.  Actually, God is the form of the Seed and we souls are his children.

We are sitting in the gathering alone and thinking of these deep things. When we listen with the awareness that God Himself is telling us, the intellect is able to catch these things.  Go into the depth of how God is the Seed and with that awareness see how your stage is also so subtle. The Seed is the Truth – it is wonderful when I have this realization!  I want to know how I can relate this to others. When we speak, we become subtle, the Seed is the Truth, the Living Being and, when we become aware of this, we become aware of ourselves as living beings too. When we are just aware of the physical things, we have a gross intellect. When something is big, it is easy to damage, but when something is refined, it is not so easy to break.  This awareness the intellect becomes very clean and elevated.

I don’t see that One with the physical eyes but with the inner eye. When my inner eye opens, I am able to know what God is, I have the feeling I know that One. That One is incorporeal and viceless, and He’s making us incorporeal too.

Proof of being knowledgeful and powerful is to be successful. When I go into the depth of this knowledge, I myself become the seed; it is extremely subtle. When we go up there in that subtle form, we get the pull to go into that subtle stage again. The attraction of knowledge of God the Almighty Authority gives us a lot of power. There is a lot of love in that subtlety, Baba’s love is even more elevated than the eight powers, because it’s the love of the Almighty Authority. So what do you receive from Baba?  We receive love. Go into the depth of Baba’s love. It’s Baba’s love that enables us to do work and activity we do.  It’s not that you are doing service but that love enables you to do service and then you experience love and power. You receive power but that power is also the form of love. What does Baba’s love do?  Baba’s drishti gives us love and Baba’s words melt us.  First Baba gives us drishti then, when we hear His words, we melt.

Baba says: Remember Baba in such a way that all alloy is removed. You are My child, so be a true child. You had the experience that Baba is the Truth, so He says: You are My true child of the previous kalpa. A true child has that feeling.  The power of the gathering gives us great happiness. It’s because of this that you can listen to me.

There’s Baba’s love, Baba’s knowledge and we receive blessings through saying ‘Haji’ to Baba. The one who says ‘Haji’ receives the blessing to make it happen. We don’t ask for anything from people and we don’t need to ask God; just have the thought and it will happen. Never think: how will it happen, or who will do it? Just think about your final moments. We have found Baba, the One who grants salvation to all. Your final moments should be so good, then everyone will say that my final moments should be like this one’s. Baba’s final words were ‘egoless, bodiless and viceless’ and ‘whoever defames you is your best friend’. Baba finally said ‘goodnight’ and went to his room. He went into the room and left the body. Our final moment should be like that.  Who has this thought?

Baba is extremely subtle and so I have to make my intellect that subtle to understand there should be no conflict, no duality, in my intellect. Such a subtle intellect will have the great virtue of contentment and royalty. The attainment is visible through one’s personality. When something feels right, I never forget that. If you remember anything of your past or anyone else’s past, you can’t move forward. When you have the awareness of ‘past is past’, you are able to be in the present moment.  Intuition comes when you are in the present moment. Be subtle and free inside, then intuition works in the right way, and the soul is happy in all aspects about the self in terms of knowledge and love. When we have chit chat, everything becomes clear and happiness increases.  I need to be clear about things for myself. When things are clear, I have value for them and I won’t leave them till I have dharna of them.  What is Baba like? He is a Seed – so subtle like the star in your eyes.  When you know Baba the soul in the centre of your forehead sparkles.  The Seed is only one but the flowers are of many varieties – some are like fruits and some like flowers.  Flowers are to look at and fruits are to be shared with others.

Om Shanti

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