Dadi Janki – 16/10/2012

Gems from Dadi Janki 

Become Bapsamaan and give the return of avyakt sustenance (Dadi Janki)
Sweet Baba has done double the service in the avyakt form as compared to the sakaar form. So what return will you give for this avyakt sustenance!

1. You have all come running to see the self, to know Baba and recognise time. So take the benefit in these 10 days to see the self, to know Baba and recognise time.

2. Become complete with Godly love. You have had the fortune to see and hear from Baba, so now we have to give the practical result in our lives.

3. Sit and count everything that Baba has given you. If you keep the aim of bringing about transformation in the self then all the qualifications are guaranteed to come. Now we have received the recognition of time so make your time and thoughts truthful. Go into the depth of what the truth is.

4. The more you go into the depth of gyan and virtues, gyan will become clearer and will become easier. Whatever is clear in the intellect become natural in my practical life. Just think for one minute… Who is my Baba! The Father of all souls is my Baba.

5. Who do I belong to? The home of my Baba, paramdham, is also my home. The play is now over and it is the confluence age. Elevated effort is to stay in the intoxication and consciousness ‘its time to return home’ . So to merge Almighty Baba’s powers in the self, to pack up everything, to finish all tasks remaining, I just have to play my part of being a Brahmin as an instrument.

6. Just think for a minute: my Supreme Father, Teacher, Satguru has all 3 forms- He is sakar, avyakt, nirakar. All those 3 forms have now become one. Then I have the intoxication that – am a Brahmin who will become an angel and then a deity. First I am a mouth born creation Brahmin, a child of Shiva. As a Brahmin I am a true renunciate, tapaswi and server. Then I am a Brahmin who is to become an angel and I don’t have any other relationships. White clothes and empty pockets!

7. Brahma Baba created the yagya. He did and allowed others to do yagya service with renunciation and tapasya. A server is one who has the bhavna of serving. Karankaravanhaar Baba is getting things done. What is He getting done? See Father, follow Father. Keep following shrimat. May my character be. High and my face be like the Father.

8. In the result of service, if you do service with courage and faith then transformation takes place. Baba has made me an instrument and makes service happen accurately and naturally. Emerge good things in your intellect. Don’t allow wasteful things to come into the intellect. Become free from them. Take benefit from God’s companionship and become worthy.

9. Baba has made me His companion to change this world of sin into a world of charity. You children have been born to finish sin in all corners of the world. My own sins have to be finished and we don’t allow any one else to commit sin.

10. In service, what kind of server am I? Let there not be even a little arrogance. If someone insults me, I should not have the slightest feelings.
Some souls carry the feeling of being insulted for years. This very subtle maya inside which upsets souls… Then they think noone appreciates my service. Become free from this maya.

11. Forget where you have come from. Wherever I am from, I am now sitting with Baba. Go beyond all limitations. We are from beyond the sky and the whole globe is in our hands.

12. I am in Baba’s arms and I am Baba’s arms. Baba is making me His hand and getting work done. I am Baba’s right hand, so I must always do what is right.

13. Now there should be just one effort that I have to become Baapsamaan. There should be no difference between Baba and me. Anyone who sees me should feel Baba would be just like this. Just as we experience from Gulzar Dadi. Just as Baba was in the sakaar form, we are experiencing this through Dadi Gulzar’s chariot.

14. Our promise now is: we will stay together and return together. We will be together for the whole kalpa. Our intellect will never wander. There is always this aim never to give sorrow or to take sorrow. Give blessings and receive blessings.

15. There is Baba’s love and then also His blessings. Each one should see how much love and blessings we are receiving from Baba. So time is now making us worthy and through service we should keep getting blessings and love from all. Let there not be any differences between you. Let there not be any irritation in your nature.

16. We are the mouth born creation so from our mouths only jewels should emerge. From our eyes there should be only spiritual Godly love and then through our form we can be the shower. When you sit in remembrance you become the form, when you sit in class then become the shower and fill your aprons with jewels.

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