Dadi Janki – 15/11/2012

Baba is doing everything


Special greetings on the day of the Satguru!  What was your experience while offering bhog today?  On the day of Diwali Dadi Gulzar offered bhog to Baba and brought back a special message, which will be coming to you. We offered bhog for Manohar Dadi yesterday, who left the body on 17th November. Dadi’s request is that you offer bhog for that very special soul on Sunday too.


Baba is Karankaravanhar (the One who inspires and the One who is doing everything) and He is the Intellect of the Wise. Karankaravanhar Baba has shown us so many times how He is doing everything and we are just His instruments ‘doing’ everything in His name. By making Karankaravanhar Baba our Companion in every task, we have had success in whatever we did and we continue to have success, as we do everything in His company.


When people give Dadi’s introduction, they talk about the world service Dadi has done and yet Dadi doesn’t accept this, for it is Karankaravanhar Baba who has done it all, it is through Baba that so much service has happened all around the world. Each one of you can see for yourself how Baba has made everything possible. This is the experience of those who are following Baba’s shrimat with true regard and are not following their own dictates.


Just as there is a photo of Baba’s hand on Dadi’s head, Dadi wants each one of you to experience Baba’s hand being on your head too.


When you have a good experience at amrit vela, you will find there’s no problem, everything works well – and you don’t become a problem either. Dadi just uses the words, ‘Don’t worry – no problem!’ and they work wonders.


We have to be flexible in all situations; there’s a lot of attainment when we do this. By being flexible, we are to sit on Baba’s heart throne and receive such a great fortune.


At the confluence age every single day is a great day, a very special day. It’s also important to remember that at this time we are all guests here.


Dadi is very happy that we are spending these few moments together and in this way are connected all around the globe on the auspicious day of the Satguru.


Om shanti.

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