Dadi Janki – 15/11/2012

It’s time to bring newness into my life


It’s good to be able to ‘let go (chodo)’ , ‘move ahead (chalo)’ and not allow a situation to become larger than it is. Learn to end matters quickly and you will easily move ahead. Go into expansion and you will lag behind. Everyone must have rejoiced at Diwali but we are now in the New Year so it is time to bring newness into life. Whatever is lacking or is a weakness has to end. When we keep the thought, Baba helps us. Dadi has very good experiences of receiving Baba’s help in the Confluence Age. Baba says, I have given you help in order to make you My helpers. The children keep courage and the Father provides help. This has helped us on our journey of life; it is connected with our pilgrimage of remembrance too. We take Baba’s help in all four subjects: to churn knowledge; secondly, Baba pulls our intellect in yoga and so we don’t have to make too much effort. We do a little and He pulls the intellect. The thread of love is pulling us above… Then thirdly, whenever Baba drew our attention to aspects of dharna, we made sure never to go against them.


Now is the time to take a leap, to fly with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm. To ensure your zeal and enthusiasm remain high, never think of yourself as very good or as a weak soul. Both will cause loss. To think one is very good will bring ego, and to say you are weak will bring feeling of hopelessness. Free yourself from both sanskars. It is the battle between the weak and strong; this is the story of the lamp (diya) and storm (toofan)… No matter how many storms the lamp has to face, the light is the light. The storm will come and go and the lamp will continue to burn. This is a matter of faith.


There are some who have achieved success on the basis of faith, and there are others who have developed faith on the basis of success. It is their fortune that success is supporting them. The Murli of each day is absolutely wonderful. Listen to the Murli carefully and then churn it through the day and your intoxication will rise. Happiness should not be temporary or expressed to make a show or please the seniors. Happiness is that which does not have the name or trace of sorrow. In the early days Baba would ask, if someone asks you where do you live, what will you say? You live in Baba’s heart. Baba now asks where we live, and we should be able say, “I live in Begampur (the Land without Sorrow). I am the Emperor of Begampur!” When we remember Baba’s elevated versions such as these, they work wonders. No matter what happens, remember you are the Emperor of Begampur. God Himself has seated me in that land. I am the Carefree Emperor when I come into action/service.

What is the difference between ‘chinta’ and ‘fikar’? (both are usually translated into ‘worry’ but chinta tends more towards a kind of tension) And there is a third term: onaa (concern). There is a good saying, “Why worry about that which is not likely to happen”. When we have faith that only good is to happen, then there is no need to worry; that which is good will occur. Drama is accurate. Baba has given us knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the drama. We know Kaliyug is leaving us and Satyug is coming; we are at the Confluence Age so there is no need to worry about anything. We say this is true but then end by saying, there is just a little worry about this aspect that should improve… Don’t do this. What is the point of having gyan if we still worry about things?


Live with the spiritual pride that we are members of a great family. We belong to wonderful Baba; everyone is moving along as they should. We don’t worry anymore, though we do keep pure feelings (bhavna) that things should carry on smoothly and properly. A little concern is good, however a little carelessness will change the concern to deep worry. Dadi feels carelessness is our biggest enemy, followed closely by lazinessness and jealousy. One doesn’t realize he or she is stuck because of one or all of these. Some seem hardly concerned about the fact that they are stuck! Carelessness prevents one from having the pure feeling of using time and thoughts in a worthwhile way. Time and thoughts have lots of value at the Confluence Age. Dadi is not worried but concerned that all of you should let go of carelessness and make extra effort.


Subtle jealousy is the cause behind carelessness. Such a soul does not have the pure feeling of being accurate in staying in self-respect, and honest in effort-making. Dadi’s one concern for everyone: if not now then when will you become? Little time remains. Aren’t you concerned about whether the 900,000 souls are ready? We require 900,000 to be worthy of entering the Golden Age. Baba became avyakt and is sitting in the subtle region giving sakaash to all; He has kept us here for service. Dadi Gulzar recently reminded us of how Baba found us amongst millions. Let each one look at your own journey: where were you and what were you? Baba found us and only wishes to see us have good fortune (khushnasib) and a happy temperament (khushmizaaj). We lived happily even when there was nothing but dry roti to eat. Look at how much Baba feeds you now! It’s important not to break someone’s bhavna when it comes to what they wish to offer/contribute to Baba’s home and bhandara (kitchen).


God is our Father, Teacher, Satguru and Friend so imagine how high our intoxication should be! The arrogance of body-consciousness causes so much damage. It is fortune to be regular and punctual in effort; it is a fortune to follow the maryadas of the yagya; it is fortune to give cooperation with spiritual love; it is a fortune to never be disheartened with the self or others. Do not think or say, ‘This one will never change…’ It is a sin to say ‘I know what so-and-so is like, I don’t need to know or be told…’ Each soul has his or her part to play. This is the Confluence Age – the age of transformation. Do not underestimate what heights a soul can reach – anything is possible.Do not allow situations to become bigger and bigger, as this will make you heavy. Keep your thoughts clean and elevated, and filled with courage, enthusiasm and hope.



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