Dadi Janki – 15/10/2012

Baba’s drishti and words finish all issues


The title of this retreat is Opening Our Wings… Unlimited Servers… this is a mirror for us to check; have I reached this stage yet? The entire world is looking at Brahma Kumaris… The eyes of those who have not seen are now opening. God has made each of us an instrument for the purpose of creating fortune…


If I don’t sit in yoga, I won’t feel quite ‘right’ in spiritual love. I don’t want to be affected by anyone or what they are doing. My drishti, my attitude and my awareness should be those of a BK. How would that be? The first overseas service was all based on drishti, attitude and awareness.  We have to make spiritual knowledge clear to all in a simple way. We have to make the pictures as mirrors for people to see themselves. Today the song was; look into the mirror of your heart o man and check…


We have to fly now. Dadi is used to flying… she doesn’t stay in one place. A bird looks good when it is flying doesn’t’ it? It is said; a bird and a foreigner cannot be caged or held down. This land is the land of Ravan. It is not our land. This confluence is our place… We are finishing the world of sin and are creating a world of charity. We are practicing a double non-violent life…  When there is falsehood people get a divorce. We have divorced the land of sin.


Time, the self and Baba… the three have to be seen together. Chit chat with the self, with time… and of course with Baba. It is now the time of ‘suddenly’. Sakar Baba came into relationship with the incorporeal One and he then became the avyakt.


Many had visions in the beginning. Is that time about to begin again? People should now receive visions through you. Whatever country you are in, people should have visions. We desire that others experience what we have experienced. This is all we want. We have no other desires. I am Brahma Kumari – I have been born through the mouth of Brahma and through his drishti. Maintain this awareness. I once said to Baba, ‘I am seeing at your drishti. Baba said, ‘This is not my drishti’. Do you take time to exchange drishti with each other or are you too busy?.


Baba’s drishti and words have finished the issues of many. These are extremely valuable. You are sitting in God’s court – do you have this intoxication? The BK’s task is to bring souls into relationship with God.


I am a Brahmin and I am becoming an angel… the child of Brahma who is up above. Have no other thought… no deficiency. Don’t go into anything else. Stop looking at the weaknesses of others. I am a Brahmin, becoming an angel who will then become a deity.


Keep value for Godly love. It is on the basis of this that you can live ‘in love’. In order to draw all other souls, love is essential. How did so many souls get born? Now they need sustenance through truth, sweetness and humility. Everyone should receive these qualities that Baba has filled into me.


Om Shanti

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