Dadi Janki – 14/12/2012

Become your own friend


It is the Confluence Age. Baba has created the sacrificial fire for us to sacrifice everything and thus make it beneficial. Our old nature and sanskaras are sacrificed in this sacrificial fire. We are tapaswis and sevadharis. A Brahmin is one who has sacrificed. We are not Brahmins just for namesake. A true Brahmin has one Baba and none other. It is great fortune to surrender everything… One who sacrifices everything to Baba including the body and bodily relations can claim everything that Baba has to be his own.


We are souls and what relationship do we have with each other? That of brothers. No-one can say, ‘This one is my husband’. No, we are all souls. The vision of brotherhood makes one’s attitude and vision very sweet. This is true spiritual vision and attitude. There are feelings and language. Our language emerges according to our feelings so check your feelings. I firstly have to become my own friend. In the Gita it is mentioned that one becomes one’s own friend and one’s own enemy. I need to be my own friend because my final thoughts will lead me to my destination. If I have negative thoughts or thoughts of enmity towards anyone then how can I think that I will be able to create good thoughts in my final moment?


Baba has told us to speak less, to speak slowly and to speak sweetly. Whatever I speak should be the truth. My face and attitude, my behaviour, the way I eat and walk, the clothes I wear, should all reveal my disinterest. I have to become innocent of all desires. Desires do not allow one to become soul conscious. Desires lead to greed and attachment.  You will want to eat a certain item or wear certain clothes.  For example, if you even look at someone’s eye glasses and want to have to same then you won’t be able to become royal.


A true Brahmin is one who has freed the self from desires, lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. Check your own self: I have to remember Baba in such a way that the internal alloy is removed. The more you stay in remembrance of the Father the less you will remember other people. The more you stay in remembrance of the one Father the more you will become an embodiment of peace and happiness. Baba has given us so much sustenance and love. I have to give the same in return. How can I thank Baba? He has made me from a stone into a jewel. He has smoothed out all our roughness and made us ‘smooth’.  It is the time for me to become a tower of peace.


Now stabilise yourself in a soul conscious stage and you will become a sparkling star. Remember: when knowledge and purity are present in a soul, power, peace and love will also be present.  The vibration of these then spreads into the atmosphere.


Now go deep within the self. Remove all stains and don’t let any more stains accumulate. Become a polished diamond who is highly valuable. Remember; I am a hero actor. I am such a bright star which is visible from far away. Don’t allow any more eclipses to ‘cover’ your sparkle.


Om Shanti


One response to “Dadi Janki – 14/12/2012

  1. Om shanti… Heartily thank you so much for providing so much blessed information…. Thank you beloved baba for your love n blessing… Thank you divine angel, hope to received such beautiful services in the coming days:)

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