Dadi Janki – 13/11/2012

The magic ingredients: check and change


Congratulations to each and every one of you on this day of Diwali. How many greetings can Dadi give? It’s as if the whole world is in my hands at this moment. Many of you are sitting in your places, having just returned from Madhuban.


Baba gives us such great fortune, such great happiness and it is our huge fortune to be able to celebrate our unlimited happiness in this way.


Baba, the Bestower of Fortune has given us the fortune of constantly being able to use everything in a worthwhile way and so continue to create our fortune.


Baba gives us the magical ingredient to drink: firstly to check the self and, secondly to really change the self.


The population for the golden age is being prepared now – it has to be ready by 18th January 2013.  We have to glorify Baba now. There isn’t much time left.


This year’s Diwali is very special: we have to give everyone the message that there really is very little time left now. We all need to hurry up and do whatever we need to do. Before we give that message to others, we have to do this ourselves first.


Om shanti.


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