Dadi Janki – 13/10/2012

Experience love and maya will disappear


You all have so much knowledge but because of blockages you can’t remain light. If you remain light then you would get might. When there is transformation in me others definitely feel it. Both those around me and those far away feel it. Even people who don’t know me feel something. The first step of transformation is to remain introverted. The silence you then experience brings a lot of benefit. If I see someone being extroverted I feel that soul needs to be given the experience of going within. One who is extroverted cannot stay light and catch might. So understand the difference between extroversion and introversion. If you stay light you receive might and everything becomes right!


When there is a blockage there is pain. You can’t do what you want to do. The blockage comes because of one’s nature and sanskars then you cannot smile, there is no trust or faith. If I keep trust in someone he will become trustworthy, even if he didn’t have trust in himself before.


Baba used to look after me so well when I coughed at night. He would feed me honey and put me to sleep. He has made me belong to Him and taught me how to smile. Some are so busy then don’t even have the time to smile. In the early days we had we had a very small centre, and we paid just Rs40.00 rent. Baba told me to serve the Sindhis from that tiny place. When service is done with a pure heart, very good souls emerge. When the soul experiences love, maya runs away. Be aware – if you dong experience love then maya will come. If you have the experience of love then no matter who comes in front, you can give to them. We will become Laxmi /Narayan through this love.

No matter how much effort you make, if you don’t have a feeling of family then you will be dry!! Such a soul will says they don’t want to be disturbed. Nobody appreciates me! I must never gets disturbed…no matter what happens. Don’t look at what this one is doing and what that one is doing. Ask yourself…what do I have to do? Some BKs can’t sleep till they read the news and know what is going on.

One who is introverted knows the value of the truth. They can let go of falsehood. When my intellect is in the unlimited, my bhav (intention) and bhavna change. Dadi’s intention is that everyone should benefit.

A true server never has to be asked to do service, they just turn up at the right time. Baba never called me for anything; I would just be present there. I would always do what Baba taught me to do. One aspect of this is to always tell others where you are going and what you are doing. Life then becomes easier for others.


This life is to care, share and inspire others.  Don’t become sannyasis…stay in the feeling of being in a family.  Go wherever Baba wants you to and be accurate, alert and an all rounder in service. Keep smiling no matter what. It’s best not to think! Where the Father is present there cannot be any issue, and where there is an issue the Father cannot be present. Just have a stable and elevated stage and be with Baba. Then will then be no burden on your head. Baba tells us to remain sweet, remember Him and give Him all burdens. Dadi wants all of you to keep the aim to become completely sweet. But none of you do this service. You are not attentive to this. Dadiji used to say that if we speak just one word in anger then others won’t forget it for 6 months. God isn’t telling us to get involved in gossip. What He is telling us is to be sweet, to be honest. When a soul is sweet and honest God can reveal them to the world.


We are all God’s creation. He has made us into honey bees. No-one can ever break up our gathering. Now stop insulting others and become as sweet as God wishes you to be.


Om Shanti

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