Dadi Janki – 12/11/2012

It’s time to create determined thoughts


The lit deepaks look so beautiful.  There may be a difference in the light of each one of them, but when lit all give great happiness.  In the same way, someone who is illuminated is light, that is easy natured and able to make others easy.


Which thought is it that cleans one internally and also earns one an income?  In a family the husband earns an income while the wife keeps the house clean.  We have both tasks to perform: to clean everything inside and also create our income. This is a best time to earn a good income.  It takes time to earn an income and time to clean, but which thought would do both tasks at once? We have to have a determined thought to clean because it is internal cleanliness that enables us to know the value of cleanliness.  A lot of dirt has accumulated on the soul over many lives and now the Supreme Soul has given us His wisdom.


In order to celebrate the true Diwali with the Supreme Father, day and night, whether in thoughts or dreams, there has to be an income.  We don’t want rupees, dollars or pounds because that money is for a temporary period and finishes easily… The world has become very luxurious and showy but that wealth is destroyed quickly.  The flame of our minds, that is the inner peace and inner light, are lit. My light can ignite another’s light. So give your company and co-operation to others. A soul may be lonely, alone or empty.  If they are alone they are looking for some support and if they are empty they feel they don’t have anything. We have God as our Companion and we can remain free from bondage even whilst with others. Other people get into bondage whilst keeping the company of others.


I need to create very high quality thoughts.  If you have anything extra where are you going to put it and how are you going to look after it?  Baba said in the blessing today that when we say: “mine” then Maya the cat starts meowing.

I am Baba’s child: He is mine and so what else do I need?  Once you have surrendered you are dedicated and say:” Baba I am Yours”.  Put your hand on your heart,   understand yourself, take a step of courage and internally make the promise to Baba: “Baba, I am Yours”. When Baba is yours then your life becomes an example in front of the world.  Baba takes care of us through our whole lives.  We only need to eat two rotis, we wear simple clothes and sing praise of Baba’s qualities.  We are His children.


On the occasion of Diwali especially go deep inside and with deep inner realisation stop looking at the weaknesses of others.  Only see your own weaknesses.  Don’t see others’ weaknesses at all. People are clever at seeing the faults and defects of others and slow to look at their own defects. Let whatever has happened in the past go.  We have learnt that if we wish to reach a state of perfection then we have to let go of the past. .


The medicine we need to take now is to stay in positive, pure thoughts.  Have good thoughts for the self.  Bring them into your thinking and do not have any other concerns.  Become one with good wishes for everyone. Give the cooperation of godly love to everyone and then you will receive blessings. Our lives should be such that  people see our yoga and way of living and through that it becomes easy for them to live.


I saw with these eyes how Shiv Baba made Mama and Baba like Lakshmi and Narayan.  Dadi saw how they became that through renunciation and tapasya; doing service day and night through thoughts , words and deeds.  My speech  should be such that  there are no incorrect words uttered and karma should be that I get together with others and do good work.


In your thoughts, words and actions see the Incorporeal Father and follow Brahma Baba.  See Mama and Baba in front of you like a mirror.  Go inside in an internalised stage and ask yourself what you should be doing.  Others are doing good things.  If someone says something is not good, be quiet.  Until you have taught your mind patience you are not going to have any peace.  It is the time to bring our mind into a state of peace and have very loving relationships with everyone.


Om Shanti


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