Dadi Janki – 12/10/2012

At the opening of the NC/CC Retreat – Opening Our Wings – Unlimited Servers 

The beating of African drums signalled the arrival of Dadi Janki, Didi Nirmala and Vedantiben into the auditorium.  Dadi greeted everyone with powerful drishti and then opened her arms wide drawing all of

us into her unlimited heart. The retreat opened with a lively modern African dance by the African BK family.


‘Om Shanti’ makes one internalised.  A lot of things bring us into the limited.  Thinking too much about things is one of them. Our two wings at the confluence age are to be easy yogis and co-operative.  Yoga should be easy and natural. Never say ‘I am in yoga so I can’t do service!’  Someone said recently that they will now keep a balance of remembrance and service .I felt compassion that they are still learning to have balance – when will they earn their income?  Remembrance does its own work and service does its own work.


I am a human soul, a Brahmin soul, the incarnation of truth and humility.  I am an incarnation (an avatar).  It is the wonder of my Baba that Shiv Baba came into the body of Brahma Baba.  The incorporeal one made him viceless and through that made him incorporeal.  There is so much power in the incorporeal.  He is the Purifier of the impure and so through such a stage He looks at us and says: remain in the incorporeal stage even though you are in the physical form because you are Brahmins.  We understood this and so we became Brahmins.


No one should ever miss or make excuses for missing amrit vela or evening yoga.  If you make excuses for missing Murli, it means you are avoiding the Murli.


There are three relationships, three forms and three intoxications.  The three relationships with Baba are the Father, Teacher and Satguru – always keep these in your awareness if you want to fly.  There is a different feeling and meaning with each relationship.  Bring them into practical expression because the words that are the words of God are those that give us experiences.  What has to be done in service? When Dadi sits she just remembers the three forms.  The Incorporeal and corporeal became combined and became avyakt so the 3 forms are in one.  This feeling of Dadi’s which is from the words of Baba makes you the image of experience.  In one second I am born through the mouth of Brahma, then the angel and then the deity.  Do you have this intoxication?  It is a very practical thing.  If it weren’t practical there wouldn’t be the intoxication.  For the majority of you the intoxication rises and then disappears again.  The intoxication of Lakshmi and Narayan make you the embodiment of them.  The aim is for us to be both, Lakshmi – with the signs and qualifications and Narayan – the one who does it.


Once Baba told me: daughter there should be no difference between what you say and what you do,.  First do it and then talk about it.  If I say something and it is not visible in my practical life – there can’t be the revelation of Baba.  Doing and speaking must be one and the same.  Didi also made this very firm in me.  I would make a lot of effort, although it never felt like effort, but I would really want to do it and so I enjoyed it a lot.  I would never become tired of effort.


The cause of the illness of tiredness is often that your nature is such that you are not able to be easy-going in relationship with others.  To fall asleep in yoga is one thing, but to fall asleep whilst listening to Baba’s or Dadi’s words…  If you are not tired it means that you are easy-going in relationships, that you can manage everyone’s nature, that you don’t see anyone’s nature and that you just wish to work out the differences.  I shouldn’t have any problem with anyone’s personality or nature.  No one’s nature should touch me.  My feelings should enable me to do the work to enable us to be in good relationship.  To be an unlimited server, first you need this service – to get on with everyone with whom you have to work.  We have to develop the sanskars of being in the rule of truth.  In the golden age we wouldn’t say someone is like this or that, we won’t have such expressions.  The quality of relationships amongst Brahmins should be such that no one should say ‘I am alone.’ Have the consciousness that now I am a Brahmin who is becoming an angel – the arms of angels are spread like wings.  This consciousness should arise within.


Now move beyond the consciousness of the body, finish your arrogance, kill your ego;, your mind now needs to be so clean and quiet that you have the habit of living in that state.  Pure, quiet … you won’t have to make yourself quiet if there is purity.  If you are clean then you will be quiet, if you are not clean you will not be able to be quiet.  The peace that the Supreme Being is giving is not just any old peace.  The soul who was separated for a long time has again come to meet the Father and receives so much peace.  Dadi always says we will stay together and go back together.  We have to remain together in that quality and stage of consciousness.  Remain together in terms of stage – it is not about being physically together.


A flying bird doesn’t require any effort, the bird keeps flying; no-one can hold it back.  Service automatically goes into the unlimited, Baba gets it done and it is fixed in drama!  We just have to keep our wings of enthusiasm and zeal.  Never let these go down for any reason.  If you lose your enthusiasm you will be harmed, no one else.  Be careful!


Om Shanti

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