Dadi Janki – 12/10/2012 (Q&A)

Question and Answer  (at the NC/CC Retreat)



Q: Dadi it is been 75 years…and you must have been asked this question many times. What is my stage and how could my stage allow Baba to do things through me?


A: In the 75 years you can see what Baba has done and what He has got done through others. Have such good bhavna for yourself. This can happen when you have good bhavna for the one who makes you like that. Understand the meaning of the word bhavna. One who has the right bhavna will always get the return of that. Those who have been making effort for a short time can also go fast with the right bhavna. Once I asked Baba… will those who have come late be able to go forward? Baba replied that they will go further than you! Have such good bhavna for others and for yourself. Baba is so detached and yet so loving. Be detached in a second – put a full stop. Can one who doesn’t know how to put a full stop be called a student of God?  What study have you been studying? That issue is over…the game is not yet over. Understand gyan with such subtlety in a second. When you get confused then you wilt. Never get confused regarding yourself or service. To get confused is a form of weakness that takes away your happiness. So remain free from confusion for the self, others and service.


Think with understanding. Don’t just think! When there is no sense in your thinking then that kind of thinking takes you into confusion and then you wilt. Love too is a way of thinking.


Q: Dadi do you have expectations? Expectations create disappointment…but they can also create hope. What are your expectations for this group?


A: Each of you knows yourself. I have so much bhavna for you…I don’t leave any of you alone! Baba tells us some children try to go away. When I sit in remembrance I feel these are all Baba’s children and so much love emerges. Each one has their own specialities. I cannot expect one to be the same as another.


When I feel that others can’t   change then what have I become like?  Let me not be under the influence of my own nature nor be under the influence of other people’s influence. Look after your own stage and service.  To see the weaknesses of others and speak about them is my own mistake.  Weakness of the body also arises due to this mistake. God has made such a beautiful garden, from being thorns He has made us into flowers. Yes there is a variety of flowers but it is a garden. It is an unlimited garden and He feels they are all my creation.
When there is bhavna there is pure love and there is power in it. Expectation is something lokik. Expansion in service has happened because of bhavna. You were all born from bhavna and nourished with bhavna but some of you don’t have value for the study and attainment.
Gyan Sarovar was made for all of you, Shantivan was made for the sustenance of all of you. Such a big bhandara has been made for you. So become free from your weaknesses. You think I have time to see all of your weaknesses?! Some of you see me in your dreams… if you don’t come and meet me then at least listen to me in your dreams. However I  feel that few of you have real bhavna to change yourselves. The cleaner my mind is the more I can make others cooperative with love.

Q. You are the master of matter…can you give us 3 easy tips to master volcanic yog at amrit vela tomorrow.

Always pay attention to amrit vela, traffic control, evening 7pm meditation and world meditation hour on the 3rd Sunday of the month. I have always been accurate in this. The meaning of volcanic yoga is: I am a soul, I belong to Baba and drama is accurate. Keep this soul conscious stage and become like Baba, loving and detached. The sign that you remember Baba is that you will remain unshakeable and immovable on drama. Have such a stage that rust on the soul is removed. God should say this is a real child of mine. A real child will always be happy. It’s is the only effort one needs to make.


True knowledge makes us truthful. This state should become natural.  I should practically see the benefits of the yoga I have. These are deep, loving and meaningful things. Whenever you sit for yoga during amrit vela or at any time, be aware that remembrance is making you move forward. There is attraction in Baba’s remembrance. We have tried to get rid of the bees in Gyan Sarovar but they won’t leave. So this is the same here…we can’t live without the love of the Godly family i.e. the honey!

I am not going to leave any of you. Time is short and things will happen suddenly. Whatever I do others will see me and do the same, whatever I think will reach that person.


Om Shanti

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