Dadi Janki – 12/10/2012

The blessings of Baba and the family energise the soul


The theme of the NC session today was: Experiencing the flying stage and doing unlimited service. How do we do that? We are studying Raja Yoga – and Raja Yoga means to be a king – the king of my stage. The sense organs of a Raja Yogi work under his or her orders. Because I have no time for waste thoughts or waste words, a lot of time and thoughts are saved. To use one’s time in a worthwhile way is to be a king.


I am a yogi when I am in yoga and I am sahayogi (co-operative), when helping others.  There is one Baba in my mind and no one and nothing else. When I understand that drama is accurate I won’t ask ‘why?’ or ‘what will happen?’


There was a beautiful message from Dadi Gulzar yesterday: Baba said Wherever you are, I am with you. Do not think that Dadi is in hospital. We are always together, never alone, and we will go together to Paramdham and then come down together in the golden age.


Keep spinning the cycle in your intellect and you will get an ‘unlimited’ feeling. It is this that what enables us to do unlimited service. Never get stuck in the service you are doing. Don’t allow yourself to lose balance and only be busy in service. It is not a matter of forcing the self in any aspect but I need to keep a balance between remembrance and service.  We receive blessings from Baba when we remember Him and when we do service we receive blessings from the family. It is these blessings that prevent us from getting tired. Tiredness is a Brahmin disease; we have to pay attention not to allow ourselves to feel tired because it reduces our happiness. We then find we can’t remember Baba. So in the next 10 days fill yourself with everything that is lacking inside –  in this way finish all your weaknesses.

There are three things: 1) bal – strength 2) shakti – power and 3) energy.  A weak person needs strength. We need power to be able to face obstacles. Keeping the 8 powers asour companions makes us powerful, because God, the Almighty, the All-Powerful, is my Companion.  This in turn gives me energy.  People are always asking Dadi: Where do you get your energy from? Energy comes from serving and remembering Baba.

Let your intellect remain in the unlimited and then you will get the wings to fly in the unlimited. Those wings are the wings of zeal and enthusiasm and they bring courage. Courage then brings Baba’s help. If the heart is true, the Lord is pleased and I know that I won’t have to endure punishment from Dharamraj. So, always be truthful and do elevated actions.


Today Baba said we should keep a register of our study. I’ve found that by keeping a register, the number of students always increases. If there’s a good teacher, there will be good students.


When you hear Baba speaking to you in the murli, nod your head and appreciate what He is saying to you. Pay attention and don’t look around or you will miss out. Just think about what and how Baba is speaking . Is it Shiv Baba or Brahma Baba who is speaking now? When Baba says directly: ‘Remember Me’, then it’s Shiv Baba speaking. When you hear ‘Remember Shiv Baba’, then we know  Brahma Baba is speaking. We have both fathers. Shiv Baba is our Father, Brahma Baba our mother. Then Brahma Baba is our father and Shiv Baba our grandfather. Churn on these things and just see how your happiness increases.


Om Shanti.


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