Dadi Janki – 11/10/2012

What is true charity?


It’s the time to look at self clearly, to know Baba as He is, and to recognise the time. In both the sakar and avyakt forms Baba has given us so much, so much… See yourself and your life and see how much Baba has given you. We have all seen and heard Baba a lot. It is now time to give the return.


Have you recognised the importance and significance of time and thoughts? Time and thoughts allow us to understand what truth is. Go into the depth of what is important. Clarify knowledge in your intellect.What is clear in your intellect can easily and naturally be brought into your practical life.  Who do I belong to? See in a second and you will become intoxicated. He is MY Baba… personally. Make this awareness natural. 


The drama is completing… By taking powers from the Almighty Father, we merge and finish everything off. By remaining busy in service that which is useless does not even enter the intellect. Take benefit of the company God is giving you and you will become worthy. 


I am a Brahmin of the Brahmin clan. I belong to the Brahmin clan and am of the dynasty of Shiva. Ask yourself: am I a real Brahmin? All are BKs but to be a true Brahmin requires deep cleanliness. A true Brahmin is visible. A true Brahmin is such a server through which God gets His work done. A true Brahmin is a true instrument. He or she sees only the father and follows only the father. There is then no question of asking what to do or how to do it. As a Brahmin my character is very elevated and my face is good.  On seeing me, others should understand what Baba is like. I am then an angel – one who has no relationship of dependency on anyone; empty pockets and white clothes. … I am an angel – one who is becoming a deity.


In every corner of the world there are Baba’s centres and so it is as if the whole world is changing into a world of charity. In the early days we used to play the song, ‘Take us away from this world of sin to a world of rest and comfort’ but we didn’t dream of how the world would become a world of charity. Baba has actually taken us away from the world of sin and the whole world is now changing. We stop performing sins and we show others how to stop performing sins. This is what true charity is.


Who am I? There should be no ego trace of ego left inside. If someone insults you and you react, it is because there is still ego inside. Some people feel bad for years after others insult them. I have to remain in self respect.


Now forget where you come from; Germany, Iceland, the UK… Punjab. I am now sitting with Baba and I should feel that I belong wherever I go. I belong to Madhuban, I belong to Baba. Have this awareness. Go beyond all your limitations. We have to go beyond the element of ether. The whole globe is in our hands. We are Baba’s arms and we are in Baba’s arms. Check and see – do I have Baba’s blessings and love? Some  run on the basis of Baba’s blessings and love from the moment they come to Baba. Others do service and become worthy of Baba’s blessings and love.


Now leave all types of defamation. Never defame anyone even slightly. We are still in the physical form but we have to move now into the avyakt stage. Keep jewels of knowledge on your lips and look with love at everything you see…


Om Shanti

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