Dadi Janki – 11/09/2012

Remain close to Baba, so that situations cannot touch you inside


Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba explain to us so well.  First of all we call Baba, Father, and the heart feels love for the Father.  Then, as the Teacher, He explains to us so well and our intellects become so good and we have many good things to think about. Then, as the Satguru, Baba opens our eyes and ears and we only want to do what Baba says.


We are so happy that we have found Baba. Now that we know who Baba is, we can actually see Him with the third eye we become the knowers of the three aspects of time.   Baba is also the Guide.  He has come to take us back home and is creating the new world for us all. He does that for us every cycle – it isn’t anything new.  Understand very clearly that souls exist eternally but no two souls are the same and each one’s part changes all the time.  Every cycle, the soul plays the same part and the drama is predestined and repeats.  Baba explains to us again and again, so understand this very well.  We are the same ones of the previous cycle.  Those who remember this do not have any other thoughts.


In order to make the intellect clean and satopradhan, look at Baba and listen to what He says. Baba not only sweetens our ears but gives us something sweet toli to eat.  Listen to Baba’s words, eat toli and become holy.  We have to become holy – pure.  ‘Ho li’ in Hindi means ‘it is finished – past’ and not to be uses any more.  The ears only want to listen to what Baba says and the heart enjoys this too.  Make a promise to yourself to reveal Baba.  The whole world should come to know and recognise Him.  There is no other thought other than to reveal Baba.  Renounce desires and attachments.  Have an attitude of total disinterest – one of renunciation. Stay up above and come down to perform activities. Whilst doing everything, have the awareness of being a resident of Paramdham.


So what do we have to do now?  Your face, your activities and the fixed destiny are already predestined. Remain unshakeable and while doing everything be carefree with no worries about anything and have faith in the intellect that victory is guaranteed. Faith in the intellect, fixed destiny and be carefree.  In order to create such a strong, powerful stage for the self, create a beautiful nature of making effort on that level.  No matter what situations come in front of you, the situations remain distant from you and you remain close to Baba.  Situations are external.  Internally be with Baba, so that situations cannot touch you inside.   Situations come from the body or bodily relationships – from the systems and customs of the world.   Remain close to Baba so that situations cannot touch you inside.


When we develop the habit of being loving and detached, we will draw Baba’s love. Understand how to be detached and then become that. When we are detached, it is easy for Baba to love us. I experience happiness when I feel that I am receiving Baba’s love and am an especially loved child of Baba’s.  Totally separate, unique from everyone else and loved by Baba.  It is very easy to be like this.  Baba gives us a gift of being loving, when we become detached.  Today Baba said that when we give a donation, the eclipse of the omens is removed.  Whatever situations, whatever bad omens there are, just hand them over to the Father and the eclipse will be removed and you will be able to increase your effort.


Baba has told us how to make effort.  Go into the ascending stage and you will experience great happiness. We are happy that we are moving forward and that Baba is pulling us Him.  We feel so easy, knowing that Baba is pulling us and is taking us to the subtle region and that no one can stop us.  Body consciousness is completely finished and you become light and receive a lot of might.   Light gives you might and through might you receive power and become a lighthouse. The lighthouse indicates from up above the path that you need to follow.  It also tells you where it is dangerous and you need to stay away from. The lighthouse serves two purposes. Similarly, we can call others and also say don’t go into this area, as it is dangerous.  Do the double work of bringing souls close to Baba. Have the power of yoga and the enlightenment of knowledge.  Then there are no thoughts.


There are so many tests in the world, so instead of asking how to move along just keep moving. Baba explained to us so beautifully how to use our ears that our ears opened.  The things that Baba has said have touched our hearts and the eyes also say that they only want to keep looking at Baba. If we look at Baba, He will look at us. Nothing is difficult.  When the ears listen to Baba’s elevated versions and happiness is experienced, then you can put it into practise straightaway.  Who am I and who do I belong to?


Om shanti


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