Dadi Janki – 11.9.12 (Q&A)

Take Baba into the fold of your thoughts

Q: Today is the anniversary of 9/11 and today people are searching for peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.  One of the definitions of war is the absence of peace.  People don’t understand how to bring peace to themselves on a personal level, their family and into the world.  How can we all do this?

Each one of Baba’s children knows that our Baba is the One who removes sorrow and bestows happiness and that is why we are sitting here. This experience is a very good experience.  Now there is peacelessness in the world.  There is also sorrow and violence.  Human beings don’t have a clue about what to do for themselves and the world.  There is a darkness over everyone.  We make ourselves move along with great peace.  With some there is a bit of upheaval inside and then we make ourselves go into peace.  Each one of us has to deepen this peace within in a second.  Human beings do not know how to create peace.  They worry and make small things big by thinking too much about them.  We don’t have anything to worry about.  We know there is no need to think too much either.  There will be situations and things that come but we have to consider ourselves to be fortunate, because Baba has freed us from worry and thinking. Just keep doing good things.  Baba says He will teach us.  Adopt values and take power from Baba who is the All Powerful One and then your intellect will work well.  When there is peace, the intellect will work well, not wastefully. What should the quality of our thinking be? Useful thinking. Take God into the fold of your thoughts. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is responsible for everything.  He is Karankaravanhar, the One who does everything.  To think I have to do something is the tendency of a householder and such a soul can never become a yogi. They will think they are having yoga but they are not. In the blessing last week Baba was talking about how to be a karma yogi.  We have to spread peace wherever we are.  We have to ‘do’ peace in such a way that we spread it to the whole world. When we practise it on ourselves, others will see it and see that we are demonstrating it.  The vibrations of doing this will mean that wherever your feet step there will be the sound of peace and this will finish peacelessness.


Q Dadi, you are going to Iceland tomorrow to speak to policy makers on a world level to see how they can bring peace to the world. What would you say differently to these people?

People in the world are disheartened because they don’t see results.  They make a lot of effort but nothing materialises.  They wish for peace but are unable to make it happen.  Baba said in the blessing today there is so much power in a determined thought.  Dadi has deep intentions to serve, to help those who have lost their sight see which direction to go in.  In meetings people have become very expansive; the conversations are chaotic and do not lead anywhere.  So the intention is to give the experience of deep peace – a few minutes in silence.  I am not thinking too much about what I need to say but I know they need to have a deep experience of Baba, the One who is getting things done.  75 years are finishing and 40 years of foreign service… and who is doing everything?  Karankaravahar  We have done nothing and that is why we are very light.  Have the attitude that it is ‘simple and easy’.  If we use the nature of weakness, it means we are lacking the power of truth. We begin to question the goodness in others.  This nature of doubting others is dangerous, and very subtle.   Let me have the thought that it will work out fine; Baba is sitting there.

We have all seen that science has evolved enormously and many see this world as a much better world.  When the yagya started 75 years ago there was no air-conditioning, microphone, email, i-pad… yet people were more peaceful then, so I have heard.  How do I learn to live in peace with all of these things?  For example, in work we used to write letters and the expectation was a response in 2 weeks.  Now when we get an email we get an immediate text saying: Have you not seen my email!

How to maintain peace is a personal aspect, when it comes to work, or administration, which is to do with relationships.  I read and respond to emails every day, especially in the car.  When I first came to London in 1975 I was writing letters and was encouraged to use the telephone, which I’d never used before.  So I did this and now it is emails.  Yet it is my duty to maintain peace, my religion, and no matter what comes my way I never abandon my religion.  I have come this far with the power of religion.  People of all religions have come to Baba, and people everywhere have arrived at Baba’s home through the power of peace.  When I was young we had no electricity and early in gyan we had no facilities; with the original service in Bharat we had only telegrams.  Now we have all facilities and use them for service, but we are not dependent on them.  This year I notice the trend for i-pads. To get engrossed in these things is not a good thing.  It is important to do your work but the more we stay in peace, the more the mind and body will stay well.  Give yourself time to be in peace.  If anyone were to say that Dadi is busy today I would feel insulted.  Baba has taught me to use time in a worthwhile way.  It should be our inner aim, to stay very quiet and let the vibrations of peace travel far and wide.  When we have an aim the qualifications come.  We Brahma Kumaris don’t do any other work.  We are sitting experiencing inner peace and spreading it out.   I am not engrossed in the world like a caged bird, but outside it.  The world needs peace and who is going to give it to them?  My Baba is with me and everyone must receive peace.  In one minute we can become peaceful.  With a click of the fingers let us make those who are peaceless peaceful.

When Dadi ‘stands on the globe’ and gives peace to the world is she invoking individuals, countries or the three worlds?

In what condition are souls in the world moving along?  Even some BK’s are often peaceless.  Some or the other thought of waste or weakness harasses us.  I get to hear this and I catch the vibrations of it too.  My intellect is with Baba and He is my Companion.  Dadi’s pure feeling is that whatever everyone needs, may they receive it. If we stay peaceful we will be able to come to people in their dreams and make them feel peaceful.  I have never allowed myself to be impressed by anyone or dislike anyone.  My intellect is up above, so the feeling is that Baba is giving, not me.  I am experiencing what Baba is giving and as an instrument I share that.  Many cannot recognise Baba yet through the instrument they then look upwards.  The strength of our promise will bring revelation.

We all wish good things to happen to everyone.  Unfortunately bad things do happen to people and some people get scarred very badly and it as though it has gone within.  What would Dadi advise those who are scarred by circumstances and situations how to get over this.  For example, if someone has been in a fire, they cannot face fire at all, it continues to traumatise them. 

Human nature is so sensitive today that when something happens, even the smallest thing, they feel it is big.  Something may come but take God’s blessings and it will go eventually. When we keep recalling it again and again, it makes our nature so sensitive.  Be cautious. All my life I have paid attention to be safe and clean (saf).  I have always kept myself away from danger and kept myself clean and not splashed (influenced) by anyone or anything.  To the degree we keep a soul conscious stage we become fearless and free from animosity.  If something happens the origin of it is my carelessness. There is no need to create a suspicious attitude. Be sensible and not sensitive. With wisdom and understanding go past the variety of tests that will come to you.  With understanding the situation dissipates; and don’t hold the thought that ‘I hope it doesn’t happen again’, as this makes us fearful.

Sometimes people say things that hurt.   What can we do to love unconditionally?

Even to use this expression to forgive someone is arrogance.  In the Gita it says ‘Hey Arjun, it is not their fault, they are not to blame’.  If we have forgiven someone we should also forget.  If I forgive and don’t forget it is incomplete. Sometimes I have to ask is it my fault and am I to blame?  If it is with someone else, I need to call them and resolve it. I need to create spiritual feelings inside of myself and then the mistake gets forgiven.  Sometimes our nature emerges.

People have good and bad in them and we are trained to look at the good and not the bad.  What technique does Dadi adopt to make sure she only sees the good?

Awareness, attitude and vision.  Whatever is in my awareness will be in my attitude and my vision will be according to that.  Whatever is in my attitude will come into my vision automatically.  I see the amazing wonder of everyone’s specialties.  I can take everyone’s name one by one.  If any one of you were not here, how would a particular service happen?  Catch virtues from everyone.  Everyone is wonderful.  I have to say, ‘Yes I can do it and Baba will get it done’.  It only takes a moment.  Don’t lose time in thinking.  Use time in a worthwhile way with no thought whatsoever.


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