Dadi Janki – 10/09/2012

How much regard do I have for God’s directions?

Baba has revealed to us the history and geography of the world. Destruction is standing ahead. Are you keeping this in your awareness? I need to keep my intellect very alert and aware so that my final moments of the Confluence are guaranteed to be good. It will then not be a big thing for me to leave this body and take another one. This is not our home – it is just the stage we are performing on. We are all actors in the same drama; our true relationship is with Baba alone. This is the spiritual path – there is no physical or worldly aspect here. 

If you stop considering yourself as a soul then will stop receiving power from God and you will be pulled into body consciousness. To lift myself out of this I need to do service and have remembrance at the same time. When I stay in remembrance then all types of pain and suffering become light. Baba helps us in such a way that we feel we don’t have to face difficulties. Stay in God’s remembrance at every moment and you will feel that you are sitting in God’s eyes.

Do you appreciate everything? Everything is good. If you feel something is not quite right then just give a signal to that one and let them sort it out. Don’t spread what you consider is not good into the atmosphere. Speak sweetly. One who knows how to speak sweetly will not get upset and will not upset others. This is a type of tapasya each one of us needs to do. Your responsibilities may be increasing but at the same time you have to remain light.  Good fruit will emerge but have patience. Stay in remembrance and ripe fruit will emerge at the right time. The power of remembrance is very subtle and may not be visible. All of you have emerged as the fruit of remembrance.

So what do I have to do now? I have to make sure that I create and maintain elevated thoughts and that I use my time in a worthwhile way. When Baba was in sakar he showed great concern that each child should spend their life in a worthwhile way and not waste it chasing after wealth. The stomach only needs two chapattis. It can be seen that some souls have more faith in wealth than they have in Baba. If my mind is busy with Baba and what Baba is teaching me then the aspect of money gets put into perspective. 

If I maintain elevated thoughts and use my time in a worthwhile way I will then be able to create an unshakeable and immovable stage. If I am a little careless about my thoughts then all types of thoughts will emerge and I will be pulled into body consciousness and upheaval. Be aware because the things you never thought will happen could now happen. Have the wisdom to make yourself quiet and patient. Don’t come into upheaval. If you have the thought to create such a stage Baba will be your companion. He Himself has given this guarantee. If I have performed elevated actions over a long period of time then I can be God’s companion. If I keep a lot of regard for God’s directions then I will not go against them and He will be able to uplift me. Do you fully understand the benefit in Baba’s signals? The dictates of your own mind can be very damaging. They can make you unwilling to even listen what to God is saying. If you start listening to the dictates of your own mind then others will be able to bring you under their influence and you will start listening to them. No-one can suppress or influence one who is following Shrimat. It is Shrimat that brings value into our lives and actually makes the soul valuable.

Each one of us is the 4 armed image, Chaturbhuj, holding the four ornaments. Each one of us is the balance of male and female.  We hold the discus and spin it on one finger. By spinning the discus I come into the awareness of who I am and who I belong to. I am then able to remain as detached as a lotus. Chaturbhuj is shown holding the mace; which signifies one having the enlightenment of knowledge through spinning the discus. When one remains detached then one is able to blow the conch shell, that is, give the knowledge Baba gives to others. The lotus flower; signifies a pure life. We live in the world, carry out all our activities, yet remain intoxicated and lost in that intoxication. Such souls are loved by God.

Remember: the nourishment of knowledge and remembrance are for us to remain happy. 

Om Shanti


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