Dadi Janki – 10/09/2012

Remaining silent inside, keeping space for Baba

When I am speaking, I have to use my mouth and you have to use your ears but otherwise sitting in silence together is very good. You don’t have to use any of the ps it possible to accumulate Baba’s power?

We need the power to remain silent; Baba needs that space to be vacant so that He can fill it with His power.  That power is then useful for me in everything I do; it helps me in many tasks.  When you are engaged in your activities, there’s no question of how will it happen? The power of remaining silent helps us to be detached in everything we do.  Even while we are speaking, we need to be maintaining that silence. That power is automatically working from inside. Whatever happens automatically makes good whatever was otherwise going to waste. If there was waste, even that is put right and is finished. It’s the power of remaining silence that makes that happen.

First there is the power to remain silent within, then there is my original power – the power of the soul – and when that is working Baba fills me with His power. Then it feels like everything is happening naturally, automatically. Once I’ve accumulated that power of remaining silent, I don’t like spending it. It may sound miserly but I don’t like to spend unnecessarily what I’ve put a lot of effort into accumulating.

Because we are karma yogis Baba helps us, because it’s His work – not my work – that we are doing. Continue to accumulate that power of silence within. My old habits shouldn’t pull me. I shouldn’t be weak when it comes to staying in silence, because when I am pulled into sound, Baba will stop giving me His power and I won’t be able to do any of His work.

In last night’s class I was sharing that you don’t need to think. If someone does have a thought – something needs to happen or someone needs to go somewhere – there’s no need to rush into planning mode and ask for all the details immediately. Just be patient and maintain that silence, and the details will emerge in good time.  Was it my thought or my bhavna to have this intimate gathering today?  Spending this one hour together – my one hour and all of your one hour – in a useful way, mostly in silence, will make Baba very happy with all of us.

Baba gives us His own power but we have to make sure our own weaknesses don’t cause any fluctuation. Baba doesn’t allow our fluctuation to interfere; He just continues to give. He gives us the thought to carry out an unlimited task.

We don’t need to say anything, except: ‘Baba!’

Om shanti.

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