Dadi Janki – 10/09/2012

The Healing Power of Happiness

To be happy is to be free of sorrow, worry and fear.  With truth, courage and faith there’s a lot of happiness. Truth within brings courage and you will then always experience happiness.  Happiness is not a big thing – when you are not performing good, righteous actions, the return of that is that you experience sorrow. The heart is very sensitive and, if you get sensitive about anything that happens, you will feel unhappy.  When you worry you are unable to perform good actions.  It is with faith you can perform good actions.

If, before coming into action, you have the thought and feeling that you want to do something good, that brings happiness inside; when the intellect is engaged in something good it is automatically healed and you feel good. All you need to do is to remain light and easy. By not thinking too much, the love and truth within us enables others to be light and easy, and we feel good inside that we can do things so easily and naturally.

Have the thought: “I am a soul with a royal personality, so what should my thoughts be like?  I am carefree and not careless.”  Those who are carefree do not need to think about anything. At one end of the scale are negative thoughts of giving and taking sorrow and at the other there are positive thoughts – thoughts of accepting and giving happiness, peace and love. Let there be a feeling of a connection of happiness between you and others.

Your nature should be detached from everything around you. It is attachment to people and things that causes sorrow. By remaining detached from everything and by renouncing personal desires you will experience Baba’s love. Remain loving and cooperative in every instance, stand on your own feet and become an angel. The soul feels happiness when in a state of detachment, whilst being in the body.  Detached also means separate.  Our two ears work well because they are separate from each other.  If there are thoughts of attachment you will not enjoy yourself – there will be the feeling that something is wrong and you will feel confused and afraid.

Those who think too much are always in a state of confusion and easily get disturbed.  Keep everything clear within yourself and you will understand everything easily.  Keep the intellect clean.  The soul needs to refresh itself by thinking: “ Who am I and who is mine?” – with no other thoughts than that.  Go deep within with the thought: “I am a soul and who is mine?.”  And go up above.  To remain light is to be free from other thoughts. Your thoughts will then be still and the atmosphere, the environment and the vibration will be clean and pure. With knowledge of the soul and the Supreme Soul you are able to change yourself.  Be in a state of silence in order to have realisation and to know reality.  Bring truth into your life and don’t speak of or do anything that is false, and you will receive a lot of power.  Let there be love and friendship in your interactions with everyone.  Have the awareness that everyone is a child of our Father – yourself included.

When you practise yoga and knowledge is this way you become very light.  Otherwise you become busy in other thoughts and then you find things difficult, because the intellect is caught up in other things.

Many have the habit of getting confused, disturbed or afraid in a very short time.  Instead of that, just get on with what you have to do. Every day we receive answers to our questions in the murli. We receive practical directions for what we have to do during the day.

In order to be a karma yogi come into action but also be in a state of yoga.  Internally renounce the vices and be very simple in your interactions with everyone.  When you are simple, your time is saved.  Wear simple clothes and let your food and diet be simple, as that also saves time and energy.

Om Shanti

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